official reason for wii shortage this chrimbo

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chris_2oo6, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. I bought a WII a couple of weeks ago, for myself ;) I didn't get a wiitard with it, should I go back to the store and complain? Should I have one or two with it? I demand an answer! I feel let down, and ripped off now.
  2. I'd find that picture funnier if it depicted you, dying of aids.


    Merry Xmas all!!!! Let's mock the disabled...
  3. This is the NAAFI bar so chill out.
  4. Yeah sorry, touchy subject....


    Carry on!

  5. Good idea!

    Lets start by undoing all the nuts on their wheelchairs then pushing them into a skip full of dead spacka babies.


  6. Harsh guys, lol.
  7. [/b]Tell you what, lets not knock the disabled, as one day soon and through NO fault of your own, YOU could be!
  8. To go with the WiiTard;

    a mongPod


  9. Shit happens.

    If it does happen, I expect the good members of arrse to rip the shite out of me mercilessly.
  10. Chill out bunch of Tards
  11. And may no one on here ever have to find out what a disability means to them, or their loved one!

    Perhaps, just perhaps the Wii is not only the thing they need, but will bring something into their lives, that to-date has been sadly missing?
  12. This statement has been brought to you by the PR team at BELM.

    Lighten up ffs. Firstly, this is the NAAFI and secondly, it's traditional for arrsers to mock spackers, retards and the RAF.

    Keep posting your tosh on this thread and you too will be mocked as someone who licks the back of their hand, dribbles down their plastic smock and shouts 'Blip, ftang, knaaarr-penis' at traffic cones. :wink:
  13. Why didn't you say BELM, that explains it all :wink:
  14. daz

    daz LE

    Hang on, I though they were one and the same :? :D