Official QinetiQ way of pulling a cracker (REAL)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jan 5, 2005.

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    Scientists have come up with a formula for the perfect way to pull a Christmas cracker.
    Following hard on the heels of equations for the best way to butter toast and cook turkey, researchers at QinetiQ claim they have produced the best snap.

    They say that by keeping a firm, two-handed grip, the puller can prevent the cracker being torn at their end.

    The key is a "steady, evenly distributed pull" and using too much "twisting force" should be avoided.

    "There are several key factors that can influence the outcome in one person's favour, most important of which is a steady, evenly distributed pull applied via a firm two-handed grip, without undue stress or yanking."

    QinetiQ, a science and development company spun off from the UK's Ministry of Defence, found seven factors to maximise "peak force":

    Tilting your end of the cracker downwards at an inclined angle during the pull
    A firm, two-handed grip to prevent the cracker being torn
    A steady and controlled pull
    The distance to the centre of gravity of the cracker
    The length of the cracker
    Good quality and strong materials used in construction
    Avoid twisting from the shoulder when pulling.

    But Sir, how do I wipe my arrse? :?: :idea:

  2. I pulled my cracker by buying her a drink
    boom boom


    i'l get my coat