Official prices of WW2 smallarms

Hi all, particularly @4(T) and others.

Does anyone have prices to the British government of various smallarms in the late-30's, early WW2 period? I'm looking to compare - I've got Richard Law's book on the Kar98k and it has all manner of prices listed at various stages of the war (hidden away in the text somewhere so I'll have to dig them out again).

ISTR reading somewhere the price of an M1 Garand being contrasted with a No.4 (it was something like, off the top of my head, £26 vs £7 or something like that, but I could be totally wrong there).


PS - for info - I'll probably use these exchange rates from 1939 for converting:

1$ = £0.23 = RM 2.5, or 10.8 RM to the £ (I have another source at 11.5, but it's close enough).
Oh, here they are for the Kar98k:

July 39: RM75.8 (£7)
May 1942: RM65 (£6)
I remember reading somewhere that a unit cost for a Thompson was about £25 as opposed to about £2.37 for a Sten at 1940 prices.
I'd bet the cost in man-hours to produce them was at a similar ratio also.


Taffwob that's the cost, man hours, materials albeit allegedly in short supply were available and in stock, making Changes to designs to simplify production was about reducing skilled machinists time as much as materials if not more so!
And of course I post that, and then immediately lay my hands on som data without any effort in Skennerton:

1943 BSA No.1 Mk.3*: £9/10/-
No.4 Mk.1 (imported timber): £8/5/-
No.4 Mk.1 (home-grown timber): £7/15/-
No.4 Mk.1 Savage first contract $75 (£17.25!)
Long Branch No.4 Mk.1* 1941: $62.3 (presumably Canadian $, pegged at 4.45 ave £), so £14
Long Branch No.4 Mk.1* 1943: $32 so £7.20
Long Branch No.4 Mk.1* 1943: $26.35 so £5.9

BREN: £34 (presumably 1942 or 1943)
I recall in the early 70s you could pick up a Nr. 4 at a surplus store for $20 or so. Not related to the thread really, but just thought it might be of interest.


Following the thread drift, In 1949 our Rifle Club picked up a few P14s for £2 each - and we got a spare barrel included. .303 ammunition was available at £2.50 for a box of 1248 rounds.

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