OFFICIAL! PCSOs are a wasto of money.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Ditch them,get more real Beat Bobbies.

  2. Keep them,they are a asset to a Police Force.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    So in six years a PCSO will solve one crime.So what's the point in having them? Why not employ more regular officers & do away with PCSO's altogether.Waste of money or a valued asset?
    You decide....

    Yahoo article

    "Police Community Support Officers solve one crime every six years, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.

    The figures show PCSOs hand out fines for anti-social behaviour, public disorder or motoring offences at a rate of one every four months, according to the Daily Mail.

    In several areas of the country, officers failed to detect a single crime over the past year, the paper claimed.

    The figures state that forces where PCSOs failed to detect any offences include the West Midlands, which has 644 officers, Northumbria, which has 248 PCSOs, and Nottinghamshire which is served by 217 PCSOs........"
  2. cause there cheap a copper patrolling a street might catch a crim once in four years.
    unfortunatly over the last 20 years coppers are doing a lot more specialized
    stuff plus paper works gone up and evidence demands gone up so coppers who nick crims are back at the station for a lot longer. so you have less actuall coppers patrolling the streets.
    police numbers have gone up but so have the demands on police so a lot more of them are special and not nearly enough beat bobbies.
    so you get pscos
  3. The article forgets to tell you that PCSO's have different powers in different forces, in West Mids thay can not hand out tickets for public order offences so will not be able to detect any! Thet can issue tickets for minor offences such as littering etc and issue parking tickets etc. PCSO's have their uses and do gather a lot of intelligence, which will lead to crime's being solved, there job is not to solve crime but to be a visible presence.
  4. They are good at guarding scenes, standing in for lolipop ladies and not a lot else.
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  6. What happened to my great country?????????????
  7. What I can't understand is why they brought in the PCSOs when they could just have paid the Specials. At least the Specials have the powers of arrest on suspicion as opposed to the PCSO who only have the powers of citizens arrest as the rest of us

    We have the TA and we pay them for their time, I am sure that there would be more people willing to join the specials, than join the PCSOs.

    And it would mean more bobbies on the beat.

  8. I have worked with a couple of great PCSO's who have done quite a bit of community work and they have been very useful. Would I have more PC's yes but we have now lets make sure they are put to use.
  9. Can't agree. Get rid of the PCSO's and employ more On-the-beat Bobbies.
    Oh..... And get rid of those useless (for crime prevention) bloody cctv cameras that aren't worth a wink too.
  10. What we need are part-time fully-empowered cops. Employ them at peak times. The big barrier - giving evidence in court; you can't constantly take time off the day job to give evidence. So let the part-timers dictate their evidence onto videotape. They can't be cross-examined so their evidence would be worth less, but the court could make what use of it they say fit. Not an ideal situation, but workable and you could flood the troublespots with cops.
  11. They are an asset to the police, but only as an intelligence organ, based on in depth local knowledge. Instead of patrolling, they would be better employed doing some of the paperwork amassed by the proper coppers.