Official line on F & C Troops

Seeing as the Telegraph is not currently covering the sex scandal tribunal, here is another story sure to provoke strong feelings - have seen it hinted elsewhere on these forums.......

Army softer on foreign recruits
By Michael Smith, Defence Correspondent
(Filed: 26/02/2004)

The Army is being forced to drop its strict rules on discipline to cope with an influx of more than 5,000 recruits from the Commonwealth.

Officers have been told to treat them differently from British troops amid serious indiscipline and insubordination from the so-called Foreign and Commonwealth (F & C) soldiers.

In a letter to all his officers, the Director of the Royal Logistics Corps admits there has been "a great deal of comment about the quantity, quality, conduct and administrative overheads associated with our F & C soldiers".

Although Brig Richard Rook rails against the "extremely negative" comments made by some of his officers, he admits that "some of it has been well-informed".

The Army began taking recruits from Commonwealth countries about six years ago to try to overcome a shortage of manpower that at the time had left the Army 6,000 men short of its full strength.

A cut in its manned strength and increased recruitment from the Commonwealth has cut the shortfall to just 3,000.

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