Official guide to illegal immigration

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Speedy, Jan 10, 2005.

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  1. This document has been causing a bit of a stir in the US where the Mexican govt has produced a guide to roughly interpreted as 'How to safely smuggle yourself into the US and what to do once you get there. The Mexican govt says the document is there to protect their citizens and provide safety tips whilst not encouraging their citizens to illegally enter the US.

    I wonder if there is a version describing how to avoid detection whilst entering the UK or sites with details on how to do this?
  2. and if there is im sure someone of the garlic persuasion produced it :D :D

    agent smith
  3. Cheese eating surrender monkeys!

    As your avatar once pointed out! :lol:
  4. Talking about ........

  5. and, while the Mexican government isn't encouraging their citizens to enter the US illegally, they are driving around the US in Consolate vans, providing the illegals with ID card "documentation" that they hope will be accepted as proof of validity in the US.

    There is a big push from some to discourage suggesting there is such a thing as an "illegal" alien, just "undocumented immigrants"
  6. I can see TBliar and his bunch of liars running around producing such things and then shouting," Hooray, we have no more illegal immigrants here in the UK!" :evil:
  7. yep, straight from tony's bible:

    If you have a problem which you cant or dont want to solve, simply reclassify it so that it is no longer a problem 8O

    Thats what they have done with unemployed, criminals, benefits cheats, and the civil service. If people are unemployed, then why not give them a cushy job in the civil service (gets one less person off the dole and makes the government even more powerful).

    If their is even a hint of disability (or laziness, not the same thing!) then give them disabilty benefit. Again, another huge group removed from the dole.

    Anyone notice a pattern?

    agent smith
  8. quote]and if there is im sure someone of the garlic persuasion produced it :D :D

    No I think for once the French wouldn't be to blame (I'm shocked I can say that)

    The grubby paws of someone from Labour top brass would be on that one, Why let the French make money when they can fill there own pockets. Have the Tax payer pay for the trip so you can (Inspect) security on the French side of the Tunnel Knock them out at the enterance for 100 Quid a head. When you get back praise the French security for an Visual Increase in the Decreasing of Illegal Immigrants (Get a Directorship from the company or anice back hander). Sounds like an Alan B'stard scheme.
  9. hey dont defame the memory of Alan B'stard.

    He was a good old capitalist if ever there was one :D :D :D

    agent smith