Official - Being Married isnt worse than being in prison...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airfix, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. ...but maybe the thought of going back to her on release is!!!

    Linkie -


    "Being married makes you more likely to commit suicide in prison, according to an Oxford University study.

    Researchers who looked at almost 4,800 cases from 12 countries also found that white males were more likely to take their own lives while in jail. "
  2. A good pal of mine was on the blower and one of his rugby chums was trying to get him out on the hit and miss.

    His reply, " I can't make mate, I'm in the I.F.C. "

    His pal, obviously enquiring about what the I.F.C. was.

    Reggie, " I'm married now mate and she won't let me out, I'm in the 'I'm Fcuked Club'.
  3. Q. Why do married men usually die years before their wives?.

    A. Because they want to.
  4. Marriage? Prison without bars?
  5. That would be because the black males don't get the time to, they get killed off by the white supremacists, their own bro's or the guards.
  6. I thought marriage was a prison sentance.
  7. The longest sentence in the English language is 'I do'.
  8. Amuse yourself by watching your wedding video backwards, smile as she gives you the ring back, walks back up the aisle gets into the car and fucks off.

    Not mine, it was in Viz.
  9. You've all missed the critical piece in, The Vows.

    When you say, " I will ".

    Her face say's, ' No, you won't Cowboy'.