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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 123, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. 123

    123 LE

    Ol' swivel hips Dunga, or what about shoot-for-the-stars Baggio. Whatever happened to Taffarel? Ray houtons incredible celebration.
  2. Did you steal the keys to the delorean again?
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    OP you very obviously haven't read "The Secret World of The Irish Male" by Joseph O'Connor. He covered the tournament for (IIRC) The Irish Independent, and incorporated his writing into the aforementioned book.

    Find the book, and I dare you to not laugh aloud at "The biggest self-supporting Mickey in the world".
  4. If your going back in time go somewhere decent with good music
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  5. World Cup 94 was utter dog shit. As was WC90.

    I still can't believe Diana Ross missed the penalty at the opening ceremony though.

    Taffarel's goalkeeping coach at Galatasaray now.
  6. Italia 90 shit? How old are you?
  7. Piss off. I remember Mexico 86, & have some memories of Spain 82.
  8. I remember the hand of god quite clearly, The ****ing hitler tash **** Rush and Saffa **** johnston scoring against Everton more so
  9. Thirty - Euro 88 is the first major tournament I remember.

    And Italia 90 is roundly remembered as one of the worst tournaments in the history of the game. It was so bad they changed the rules after it to try and make the game more attacking again.
  10. schillaci, England in the semis, Deigo Maradonna crying after the krauts done them. It was great.
  11. Sorry Boys WC82 is where its at.

    Never mind all the other shite, that Brazil team with Zico, Socrates et al was a thing of beauty, poise and grace. I'll never forgive the Italians for beating them in the Semi Final. Easily the best team I have seen fail to win the World cup.
  12. 123

    123 LE

    Even better than the Dutch team of the 70s?