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I know that you all love the many threads we get on the Joining Up - Military Recruitment boards asking questions about eyesight, fitness, need to bring your own kit, etc. Well the good news is that we're about to get an official 'Army Jobs' user who'll be speaking direct from ARTD to provide an official answer for those poor misguided souls.

Obviously we're quite keen on this idea so I'd ask everyone to play nicely with them. The recruiting forums have always been heavily moderated so that won't change. I've also asked them to forward any PMs that they're not happy with to me ....... targets will fall when hit.

Please use the thread at this link to whinge about how ARRSE is going to the dogs, etc
Dons tin foil hat and waits in anticipation.....I hope potential applicants remember their comments will be monitored and behave as would be expected with V&S. Good call BAD CO.
Hat's-off to the likes of The_IRON, but this move is long-overdue, IMHO.
Agreed, you wouldn't believe we how many goes we've had at approaching them in the past. This has only come about because Capita have decided to give it a go.

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Obviously peole like myself and The_Iron will still be around to help as well. I know the issue was raised at Capita regarding the negative responses on ARRSE so it is good to see they are making an attempt to address it.
Will they also be covering the TA Recruitment board?

I hope that whoever gets the job is very, very, very, very patient.

Can I join the paras if I have no legs, and will my Cadet RSM rank carry across even if I don't cut an enemy's ears off?

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