"Official" American Army Game

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by phibeck, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Yeah, and got a medal for downloading it, a bar for installing it, and a citation for entering my name as a player........
  2. Seriously though, would that be America's Army? If so, it looks like a pretty good game...
  3. Not too bad a game, it uses the unreal engine.
    You have to go through basic before you can do anything interesting.
    It was designed as a recruiting tool and I believe they monitor your progress
    anything that encourages kids to sit in front of a screen instead of playing sports is not going to encourage the right kind of recruits imo

    right now back to my counterstrike game........mmmmmmm pies
  4. :D

    If it was the British Army we could have:

    How to stand in the NAAFI queue without causing offence
    Whinging - the basics
    To minge or not to minge?
    Insulting other armies - we show you how
    SA80 - what your mother didn't tell you
    All you wanted to know about BFT's, but were too shit scared to ask.
    Islam - from the squaddies perspective
    Choosing your Regiment - what colours do you like best?
    Basic Infantry tactics - silent or noisy.