Official A&E waiting-time figures are flawed, says surve

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 21, 2005.

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    Has someone been 'fixing the books' or is this more of labours 'lets redefine the problem, so that it is actually not a problem' type politics?


  2. The 'four-hour' clock also stops ticking when the patient is moved to either an 'observation unit' (i.e. a bay adjacent to A&E where patients can continue to wait, but not be affected by the target time); moved to an 'assessment unit' (i.e. another alternative, non-time-targetted place), or, most imaginatively, placed on a trolley whose proportions are such that it is not defined as a trolley for the purpose of waiting time targets.

    Patients wait just as long as they ever did when they go to A&E - they just get moved around a bit more so that the Trusts can meet target times.

    Yet again, Neue Arbeit have failed to understand or tackle the root of the problem. What's needed is for A&E to be just that - Accidents and Emergencies - only. Staff should be able to turn away the wasters who ought to go to their GP and the illegals who aren't entitled to treatment and so can't register with a GP - they can be nicked and treated by HMP's doctors. There also needs to be some work on the amount of alcohol related injuries which clog A&E departments.