Discussion in 'ACF' started by fly_boy, May 31, 2011.

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  1. A discussion with a friend of mine has prompted a question that I could not answer, hence my posting it here!

    He is an Officer in the ACF and is off to his ex-regs unit reunion in a few weeks...

    He cannot get accomodation locally and was wondering if he could apply to the Officers Mess at the reunion location to stay overnight that night...

    Is this possible? are there rules?

    Anyone in the know, shed some light?

    Ta muchly....
  2. Yes he can apply
    Nothing to say he cannot, nothing to say he will get accomodation
    Is he not liked enough by his old unit that one of them wont put him up
  3. Thanks

    Lol - probably - to be honest I think that it is time out, and none (or very few)of the 'old guard' are still serving.

  4. Of course he is entitled to use the Mess he holds a TA Group B Commission.
  5. That seems fairly emphatic, thanks for the response...

    I did tell him that he'd probably have things thrown at him accross the table for being a mere ACF Officer lol ;-)

  6. Granted some years back, but there should be no question of it. I used not only Army messes, but a couple of RAF Stations, HMS Excellent and RM at Stonehouse. I was always met, sometimes at very short notice, with ultimate courtesy.

    And yes, I did return to a few!
  7. Cocks.
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  8. Great input!
  9. Well on another thread somebody suggested reading some of "fly_boy's" previous posts for entertainment. I just wanted to confirm that he is indeed a cock.
  10. In that case I shall have a glimpers myself and get back to you! :)
  11. Roughly translated.

    I am an ACF officer with a type B commission, I am really sick to the back teeth of you b*stards calling me a pedophile and although I already know the answer I want you all stroke my ego by telling me what a proper officer I am.

    There you go ^~
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