Officers with Tattoos

Discussion in 'Officers' started by brandy, Feb 13, 2005.

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  1. Just a quickie ;)

    I have some tatoos, quite tasteful, but would show when wearing proper footwear and am thinking about getting another. Does anyone know how tattoos are viewed on officers? Is it a big no no?

  2. 1. Older officer with tats - LE who wishes he could afford the lazer treatement to get rid of them.

    2. Younger male officer with tats - Tw*t, unless they were done by grateful tribesmen as partof a primative ceremoney to become a chieftan of their tribe ( see Fletcher Christian etc).

    3. Younger female officer with tats - up for it slapper !

    Well... you did ask.
  3. Thanks for that Hootch.
    Maybe I should go in for laser surgery, cos I certainly don't fit into the last category even though I am female.

  4. Most of the officers in my BN have Tat's, But mostly on there arses :!: I know that does'nt answer your :?: I Can only say that times are changing at the end of the day if someone in the royal family can have one,I cannot see the big deal with Officers having one :)

  5. Thanks Gizmodnd

    I am not an arse either. And what is a BN?
  6. I would apply common sense brandy. If it's visible when you're wearing uniform then it's probably a bad idea.

    After all you're meant to present a respectable image when in public and the such.

    The RN has a few rules pertaining to them I believe but I can't say about the Army rules. One of the old and bold should be able to tell you what the regs say or more importantly if you'll get noticed by the RSM at RMAS . 8O
  7. Battalion
  8. Breeders Newsgroup, it's a social club for cav officers
  9. Unfortunately Ant, it is too late now. I got the tattoos on my foot about 8 years ago when I was in Germany and I am not prepared to get rid of them now.
    Will have a bit of a think about if I should get another though.
  10. The rules are as I remember it is that tatoos can't be visable when wearing uniform. So the torso is generally okay, but the arms aren't.

    Fortunately we don't wear flip flops to war.
  11. After all you're meant to present a respectable image when in public and the such.

    Is there any reason why tattoos arent respectable, they were once only for the rich and the royal, before the reimmergance amongst sailors for spiritual reasons.

    I do struggle to understand why I appear unrespectable because Im tattoed, same guy inside, same qualities. Bo11ocks to the narrow minded, Although Beckham is a tw@t hes done wonders for social acceptance of tats.

    Officer or not, its your shell decorate it how you like
  12. LMAO :lol:

    I think I will have to invest in some high laced up shoes like my gran wears. Won't I look stylish
  13. Hear hear, Paragorge. Most naval officers have a tat of a spider web just under their left ear, a Falcon tattooed across their foreheads, and for Lt Cdrs and above, ACAB across their knuckles... :D
  14. infact Brandy, get more tattoos if you want dont be brainwashed into thinking you should be a certain way thats what they all do.

    Run your own race.......Oh and get your nips and mary pierced and Ill take you out anytime
  15. unless you're wearing a skirt i dont see the feet/legs being a problem? Maybe if you have to wear a skirt just get very very very very dark tights.

    Parageorge, no offence was intended but the stigmas to tattoos are attached by society. As you say society is moving towards more tolerance for them but i'm sure you know the thoughts that will pass through peoples minds seeing them on uniformed personnel as a whole let alone an officer. Or at least from where i'm from, that being said there weren't that many tattooed people there.