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Discussion in 'Officers' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Back in the 70's I seem to remember that a fair number of officers across the Army as a whole had a certain amount of style and panache, not just in the way they dressed, but what they drove, and how they behaved. From the 70's onwards these chaps seemed to reduce in number, and the last really stylish officer I came across was serving in Dubai as SBLSO and was late RTR (2 RTR I believe). You couldn't mistake him for anything but an officer, from his almost foppish dress, both in uniform and out; his cut glass accent; his supremely good manners and civil, almost laid back, approach that belied his razor-sharp instincts; his Thursday (our Saturday) morning prayers at Gerrards; and his Jack Russell replete with 2 RTR collar.

    Am I mistaken that their numbers are reducing; am I guilty of rose-tinted spectaclism; am I mixing in the wrong circles; or do these people still exist in significant numbers?
  2. Is this him:-

  3. No, that's me, but I've stopped smoking now. Made me hack and spit.
  4. Very sadly the new breed are far more savvy, career concious and determined to make the next two ranks up by breakfast. The system does not allow for or tolerate much by way of high spirits and frowns heavily on too much by the way of straying from the path (of enlightenment). Additionally many more officers are joining later (older as Graduates) and to a greater extent have already had their fun outside. Of course they still mess about and get into scrapes but consequent to these changes - the army gets what it wants.
    The chap you mention is also a dying breed as so many of the new generation leave around the 45 years of age mark to go to second career. Those who stay are looking to higher ranks and are unlikely to be characterful - too busy on point papers etc.
  5. anyone above major in the engineers...and now some of the LE's too!!

    i love that man you describe and truly believe that savvy air really makes a truly great officer!!
  6. I hope they still exist.
    Nothing like the sight of a British Officer storming the enemy, armed with nothing but a highly polished swagger stick and a black labrador....stirring stuff I tell you. :)
  7. I had an interview with an Army Careers Adviser a while back and on reflection I would say I went on a rant about careerist Officers.

    I know of a chap who's going to be one too when he graduates from Sandhurst. I have no difficulty in imagining him putting his career before his men, though it's possible I'm biased because I don't like him. The toss-pot had the audacity to inform me that I'm not suited to army life. I think he feels his knowledge on mixed Roman tactics makes him more suitable for army life than someone who can 'do drawings'.
  8. Ancient Mariner, those photos are kept in your wallet aren't they?
  9. In the early 60s, I was attached to the Scots Guards while they were

    serving on the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. They did have some

    very stylish officers, several of whom bore titles. I suppose having a

    few bob does help but of arrogance there was no sign. Impeccable

    manners to a man. Cut glass accents were standard.

    I cannot comment on the modern officer as I walked out of the gate in

    1965, however, depressingly we have just had an officer of field rank,

    if you still call it that, done for fraud.
  10. Hussars in the 70s, Officers and gents certainly. Laid back and friendly, Manners and the grace to apologise to us when they were wrong. Respect for their blokes, even those Officers with titles, and some of you might know which ones. One , certainly went on to great things, and another appeared on Master Mind years later. On exercise, another would rant his head off swinging high up in the trees, while the Mess waiter had to climb up with the next bottle.... Bosses leading the troops into battle from the front, sword drawn.

    As for antics in the Mess, and other hi-jinks ....I'll never tell.
  11. You all make it sound like a thing of the past!

    Even if there is a good reason for this sort of talk, surely it only takes one or two like-mindeds to trigger an outbreak hi-jinks, élan and simple good humour?
  12. Ooooooh a stylish officer, I'd like one of those please!

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  13. OOPS! Got that all mixed up around!
  14. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I like your style there. I do not understand it, but it has a certain charm about it...!
  15. It was a mistake ... that's why you probably like it. Usuually I am accused of writing crap - please refer to my latest offering 'How to Satisfy a Woman'