I am interested in joining the British Army, i am a NZ Citizen, i have lived in the UK for two years but have now moved to the USA. If i joined at the age of 18, as an officer, would the army ever offer to take me through university, i know the Navy does, but does the army as well?

Possibly; it depends on which Arm/Corps you join. I know of a number of officers who joined straight from school who have gone on to get degrees through the Army. Most ended up at Cranfield University in Shrivenham (the partnered Defence University) but I know of others who ended up at Newcastle, Southampton etc. It is not something that a lot of people get to do, although I think HM Forces are looking to alter this as a retention/recruiting measure; might just be for soldiers and higher education though.
You need to look up details ofthe Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS). Funnily enough only Technical first degrees...
Try Googling Army careers and look for details of undergraduate bursaries.
I think the Army sponsors some people through a degree course and your commitment is to then serve for min 3 yrs
scots_wahey said:
...Most ended up at Cranfield University in Shrivenham (the partnered Defence University)...
Not any more. This setup stopped a couple of years ago with all now going to proper 'civvy' universities.
IIRC there are still two ways of going about this.

One, DTUS. You are taken on by the Armed Forces to go through Uni (one of a selection of about 6 I think). This is the normal route for the Welbexians.

Two. Join. Do Sandhurst, do your first unit maybe a second. Hit Uni as a Lt, on a hoofing loads of cash and study.

This may have changed again since I last updated the knowledge bank :D

PS Anyone remember the Engr Officer that went to Uni. IIRC he was a Capt, Para and Cdo badged and was EOD trained. He was involved with the UOTC at whichever Uni he attended. It was in Soldier a while back.

Hmm. Bet his sh1tty stick was a bit battered by the end of his degree!!!
Chocolate is bang on...

my advice, join a tech corps as a non-grad and then go to uni as a fully paid up member of HM Forces....however, competition is strong as places are tight....
Clearly,the days of 'In Service' degrees,seem to have gone away.What a shame.I had friends who did the same thing,but lacking 'O' level Greek or Latin,had to do that in one term at RMAS.Happy days!
muhandis89 said:
Clearly,the days of 'In Service' degrees,seem to have gone away.What a shame.I had friends who did the same thing,but lacking 'O' level Greek or Latin,had to do that in one term at RMAS.Happy days!
absolutely not, see my above post - just now ISDs are done at 'proper' civi universities
In-Service degrees are alive and well.

There are 10 places for the Army a year. The places go to the RLC (3), RE (2), RS (2), and REME (3) only. You get full wages, FIA, SSSA, and tuition fees paid for. :) :) :) You have to help out at the DTUS support units in return.

The places are hard to get, and remember, apart from the REME, you can only apply about two years after passing out of Sandhurst so nothing is certain. REME places usually go to those commissioning through the ranks.
Duty rumour is they may not be around for ever in there current form, it cost them so much money, so dont bank on it. (Remember a lot of us are Capts not Lts )

DTUS isnt the same as it used to be, ie they get a £4000 bursary if they meet the criteria (including PASSING a PFT) academic and training days. They get wages for the days/part days they work (£37) . They only have to do 3 years return of service and only get SSC, unlike before where they got around £13000 a year, fees paid, an IRC and 5 year return of service. why you ask? money, and that fact that more people commission a year from London UOTC than from Welbeck.

There is a JSP on ISDs, if anyone wants a detailed look,ts in the electronic library under "first degree training"
i cant say i know anything about this. not been to sandhurst or anything. but.

try and see beyond the end of your nose. firstly uni will be one of the best experiences of your life. furthermore you will have a degree. cos the army will more than likely end one day. when you leave having a degree as well is much more attractive to an employer than just a military career.

secondly dont rush yourself mate. the army isnt gonna run away. you can experience the same thing in 3 years and you will be much more mature and much more ready for it. i understand what you mean though. im really keen to get in too but uni will be a great laugh.
I assume that as an NZ citizen you're eligible to join without having lived here for five years first...are you?

Go to uni first is the best advice, I'd say. You'll get paid more for the same job as a graduate, be eligible for promotion sooner and have had three years to develop, become fit and well prepared and to do all those things which make you a better candidate before the AOSB such as play a sport, sit on a committee, join the UOTC or the TA (or you can do both under TASO) and spend time attached to units during your holidays.

It's your life; do what you think will be best. But remember you aren't the only eighteen-year-old ever to be totally obsessed with getting on and joining up as soon as possible; think of your future as well.

Best of luck to you.

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