Officers transferring in from other commonwealth countries..

I know of a good Offr (stay with me here, he is pretty good) who is interested in coming over from one of our sister Int Corps. Is a British passport holder, with a FH background, Capt, good bloke, etc etc.

How does he go about it, as as usual the non-corps recruiting folk on the end of the phone are not being very helpful. I realise there is an appointment at the factory for Offr manning, but I was wondering if anyone knew what the form has been in the past for our colonial cousins with similar ambitions. Now my memory fails me, but I am almost sure I have come across, or at least heard of a Kiwi Capt coming over???

Any thoughts, advice, anecdotes folks? Im trying to help this guy out on this, and I think it may just be worth our while.
You are indeed correct in stating that one of our officers, currently serving at HQ 1 MI Bde, is a colonial. Did you also know that he is related to Englebert Humperdink? Perhaps the worst aspect of this post is that he will immediately recognise who I am when he reads this, so I am now off to batten down the hatches.....

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