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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by the-greyman, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. The silly season is soon upon us and the annual officers to Seniors function!

    is there anyone out there with any suggestions on games that can be rigged or anything better than just the normal boat race?
  2. Must give a Mexican Bum wnak to the least popular officer :) Always goes down a treat with the other Ruperts :)
  3. The famous 'Extract some cash from the Rodney' (to buy beers) game - never seen it completed yet :lol:
  4. Nailing the female subbies
  5. Ok you need; A large amount of beer mats, Two teams of however many!!!! A large space. The first member of the team gets into the press up position, raised. The next member of the team then has to crawl over him to extend the teams reach at the same time they have a handfull of mats and must place them the furthest away! so it is a chain of people all in the press up position all the way down the dance floor!!!!
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Bring on the large green cabbage!
  7. We set-up an indoor assault course in the Sergeants Mess at Catterick. Having invited the CO and the QM into the mess for a pint to watch the fun and games, the rest of the Officers, paraded outside, were instructed to enter the mess through the dining room window.

    They then traveresed a series of obstacles involving cam-nets and gym type eqpt. Every obstacle had a glass of port with it. It certainly broke the ice!!
  8. Why don't you try the old classic table jumping....make sure that all involved have got a beer mate and no studs on mess shirts and away you go - can be good if people don't get the take off right!!!
  9. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    Try "Catching the C ock" (Rooster).

    A fairly large space is required. Ideal would be the football ground.

    Two teams 20 yards opposite.

    Release the C ock in the space in between.

    The team that can catch the cock, get to eat it; that is if they have the energy left trying to catch the c ock that has gone wild to save its life!

    I feel sorry for the C ock.
  10. Tunnel of love was always a good excuse to "deter" the young subbies.

    A row of sofas turned on the side (hence the tunnel) and the first team thru wins.
  11. At an Offrs to Seniors do, I (as Adjt a good target but also as a bit of a dwarf) was thrown down the mess at Otterburn in a dwarf throwing competition where the Seniors had earlier perfected their technique and made sure they were last to throw, using a pathetic method until their last go when they were going to unleash the secret in spectacular fashion. Bottom line we nearly got it right anyway and I flew along the ceiling for quite a way, probably would have killed myself had I not been pretty pi**ed! The Seniors then threw their man even further which was quite spectacular. As I recall the landing pad was the carpets sort of folded up and the two dwarves were given a cycle helmet as a token effort at safety!!

    Winning technique was the two throwers faced away from the runway and fell back as they simultaneously propelled duty dwarf (standing in their hands like for an assault crse wall) over their heads into the distance. How injuries were avoided I do not know!

    This was a while ago when health and safety etc had not really arrrived, mind. Not sure about suitability for todays climate.
  12. oldbaldy

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    1. Battlefield Tours

    Oh happy days!
  13. Aldershot, Lille Bks circa 87, whilst Officers in Sgts Mess , Officers mess was set on fire and gutted, rodents were blamed although rats were suspected :oops:
  14. who got the silver?