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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by rg048, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. As a non grad officer I was wondering how the system can justify paying non grads substantially less whilst at Sandhurst. If there are any legal beagles who could explain how this stands in light of the equal pay act?

    My understanding is that you can claim under the act if the following conditions are met:

    :arrow: That the work done by the claimant is the same, or broadly the same, as the other employee.

    :arrow: That the work done by the claimant is of equal value to that of the other employee.

    :arrow: That the work done by the claimant is rated (by a job evaluation study) the same as that of the other employee.

    If anyone could help I would be very grateful.
  2. FFS :roll:
  3. You are a thickett so why should you be paid the same as more intelligent people?
  4. The Equal Pay Act does indeed say that, however; this is for comaparing Male to Female employees and not male to male comparators.
    Additionally, the Armed Forces don't come under employment legislation as you are classed as a Crown Servant and not an employee.
  5. Service not self. What a leader of men you are going to be. Envy is such a nasty trait

    How many civvies working for the same company know what his colleagues ‘pay package’ is?

    Surely you knew the rules before you joined

    I have a suggestion for you. If you’re not happy f*ck off and ply your obvious talents elsewhere
  6. Should have went to uni, three years off going on the p1ss, having fun with the lady folk and get paid more at the end.

    On a more serious note, within the three years most students spend at uni you'll have made the difference in pay back in your own wages. Also by paying more for grads it encourages people to get a degree and attracts more rounded people into the army otherwise we all would go straight from school and only know school and the army. Would make the banter in the mess very boring with us all having done the same thing not to mention lower the standard of Officers in general. If i was you i'd be happy enough to have passed AOSB as its not that easy to do as a non grad and be happy with the still decent level of pay that you are getting.
  7. You're not really paid less for doing the same job, grads get more seniority as a result of achievement before joining and are perceived as having a higher (useful) level of education.

    I doubt there is a legal arguement for an employer choosing to recognise previous qualifications by adding seniority, indeed many organizations offer graduate programmes with accelerated promotion.

    I would suggest grads are simply accelerated?
  8. You will also be paid less during your (longer) Lieutenancy. One can attempt to argue about graduates not only getting higher pay but also getting a pay-rise quicker but it will only ultimately lead to you being labelled as having a chip upon your shoulder(s). There's no scope for discussion on the subject, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. In summary then:

    Man up wet pants, should have tried harder at school.
  10. Dry your eyes can revel in the luxury of being one step behind your graduate colleagues for at least 10 years.
  11. in my day, the grad's RMAS course was 6 months in much plusher quarters than our 12 months in bogstandard. They just must have been so much better than us thicko's, in fact, I don't think they should have even had to do a course, an application form would have been just fine............
  12. Are you sure?

    I'm not qualified to argue otherwise, it's just unusual and interesting.
  13. I think coppers :x are in a similar boat as they are "office holders", not employed..............I think :?
  14. Course? I had a quick chat with a General (who used to command my Regiment) about school & Rugger & he said "we'll take you!"
  15. nothing quite like being "taken" by a general. Must have been cavalry.