Officers' Tattoos

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Charlie_Cong, Feb 12, 2003.

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  1. Regimental Tattoos?

    Good idea I think

    Always a good party trick and excuse to unclothe early on during a Mess Night/ School Disco/ Company O Gp

    Even better get a DIY one from a fellow Officer. cool.

    You know it makes sense. Would a Corps officer get one? No, exactly.

    Be strong, face the needle.
  2. You been at your jocks Buckfast???????
  3. I reckon Napier has one - a picture of some fish and chips and surrounded by a delicate pattern of inter-locking alloy wheels and car stereos...
  4. What? 33 views and only a couple of votes in favour ?

    Maoris, Zulus, Fijians, Japanese Kazuka gangsters, Glaswegian neds... THEY ARE ALL AT IT MY FRIENDS!

    That's because they are WARRIORS to a man.

    Women will swoon as you strip

    With the added strength from ink coursing your veins you can arm-wrestle Gorrillas and win

    Battle of Isandawana 1879
    A short historical overview

    Tattooed Zulus murder hundreds of moustachioed Victorian troops who can't find any screwdrivers to open ammo boxes ( The Q Man said "You've already had six.... look at this 1033 sunshine. No you can't have any more, now fcuk off. )

    Warrior Tattoos beat W G Grace/ Kitchener moustaches (the traditional preserve of the commissioned classes) hands down. Point proven i think

    This is our motto:
    "Be a man, be a Zulu, get a tattoo."

    And if you're hard enough get the regimental battle honours done as well.

    Do it for the Empire

    Your anasthetic will be PRIDE, MAN, PRIDE !!!

    God Save the Queen!

    i think i need a lie down. time for subbie bed time
  5. I haven't quite broached the matching tat with Mrs DM but now you mention it...

  6. Aren't rodney's too soft to hack the pain of a tattoo

    If not why not have 'Earls Court' put on your arse, that would make a 'military tattoo' ;D
  7. Yeah, I blubbed.  
    But apparently the arrse is a painful spot!
  8. even IVE got  a tattoo and im only a TA corps girly!  ;)

    not telling where it is though!!
  9. You have one Doggy?  Amazing!
  10. I've got three and I'm getting another one next month.  Gothic designs on my upper arms.  I'd recommend them to anyone.  The pain is excellent !!  Nearly passed out with the last one.  The feeker DROVE the needle into my arm !!
  11. Indeed F_S, Mrs DM enjoys it a lot.
    Much debate as to what the next one should be.  Maybe 'Dessert Warrior', as someone spectacularly misspelled last time!
  12. She actively enjoys it?!  Where is it?
  13. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    F-S darling,
    You have me all wrong: in fact I am tattooed from my starched collar, via the nipple rings and the Prince Albert, to the soles of my feet; mostly with traditional images of the Empire, such as Nubian slave girls being ravished by wild animals.  If you would care to come round for a viewing I can make them copulate realistically by muscle contractions. :-*
  14. Let me guess which part of you features the Indian elephant.....  they're the ones with the small ... um... ears, right?  
  15. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Maybe small in comparison with an african, but still plenty big enough :-*