Officers/Soldiers Posting out of units

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by DesktopCommando, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. Can everyone please get the Unicom System Administrator (if thats not already you!)
    To use fastpath PERM and transmit the above personnel to the UIN of their posting order :arrow:

    .... :cry: Im still waiting for upto 8 months worth of 1157's to arrive .....

    (posted in QM forum as well)
  2. Good point, I work in a Royal Navy establishment and they do not use the G4 package, thus, UNICOM is not used for anything apart from the transit of email records, mainly for the transit of clothing records.

    I am in the process of getting my UNICOM sacked and I have been told by ATLAS that DII(F) will carry out this function.

    With so many units wanting to "get rid" of UNICOM, and the lack of DII(F) across most sites, and the fact that ATLAS have yet to tell us how to transit clothing records I am having another look at getting rid of UNICOM.

    Alot of units have already decomissioned UNICOM so this issue will be more and more prevalent in the future.
  3. What's the process for emailing clothing records? No-one (not even the RQ) here has a clue how to do it...
  4. Unit HR will know, it's the same system as before, the clerks email the UNICOM record from unit to unit on posting, speak to your UNICOM System Administrator.
  5. I'll put up a step by step instruction tommorrow morning, I only found out last week :)
  6. [align=center]POSTING UNICOM RECORDS TO UNITS[/align]

    1) Fastpath - PERM

    2) Select option 3 – Transmit personnel record

    3) Enter your units UIN and press Enter

    4) Enter the new unit’s UIN and press Enter

    5) Move down to “Trans Type” type in E

    6) Page Down – Type in Regt No. and press F9, F9, Commit

    [align=center]RECEIVING FROM UNITS[/align]

    1) Fastpath – PERM

    2) Select option 5 – Receive personal records

    3) Select F3 – your UIN

    4) (If you have any records select & F9)

    If anyone refers to E-mailing the Unicom System Administrator their 1157, this is what their talking about.
  7. Unit HR, that's me that is 8) and the System Admin hasn't got a clue either!

    Thanks Desktop, will pass that on to the RQ/Chief Chump
  8. Then WTF is he doing being a UNICOM System Administrator, emailing UNICOM records has been done ever since the introduction of UNICOM.

    Unit SA's are taught it on their course, I remember, I am one.

    What have you been doing prior to JPA's inception in Apr 07.
  9. Been chasing up UNICOM records for over a month and it seems that:

    a. People don't know what they are doing.


    b. People don't give a shizer.

    The main stumbling block seems to be that JPA Assignment Orders don't have bloody UINs on them.

  10. Whilst JPA has taken over the administration of Soldiers newly posted in and any 1157's received wont be on Unicom as such, existing soldiers will be on strength and this may cause problems with the receipt of the 1157 as stated above, so here is a quick guide to Striking off Strength; :)


    Unicom Fastpath

    1) 4. Maintain Posting Details

    2) Enter Regimental Number, Press TAB, Page Down, F9

    3) If End Column is Blank carry on, If not go to 5) .

    4) Press F8, and enter the following;

    Order Preference - D/MCM/Regimental Number

    Reason – M

    End of Tour Date – date of SOS

    Unit Posted To – Leave as your UIN
    Press F9

    5) Press Page Down, and enter the following;

    Order Preference - D/MCM/Regimental Number

    Reason – M

    Posting Start Date – date after End of Tour Date

    End of Tour Date – Leave Blank

    Unit Posted To – Posted UIN

    Employment Cat, Press F3, Select E grading – E1 or E2.

    Unicom Fastpath

    1) Select Departure of Personnel

    2) Enter Regimental No. , Press Enter, Page Down, F9

    3) Effective Date – Enter Date after SOS

    4) Press TAB, answer Questions, No, No, F9
  11. Ignore all the above. Step by step guide:

    1. Go to filing cabinet. If soldier's name is SMITH, look under 'S'

    2. Take out 1157

    3. Place into envelope. Ensure you place a blue cross on envelope - it will then be sent 'Registered mail'

    4. Hand it to Regimental Mail NCO

    5. Retreat into dusty docs office, stick kettle on to recover from the exertion.

    5. Go home

    Easy innit? Well, that's how I used to do it.....

    Edited to add: Place soldier's NEW UNIT on front of envelope prior to despatch. This serves two purposes; it will get to his unit, and the unit mail NCO will not become confused and disorientated. :eek:
  12. & then It will still be left on the first units Unicom and the new unit will not be able to access the soldiers Unicom record.......

    :clap: way to go marco_poloroid :clap:
  13. Ahh the good old days, they were indeed taught on the course, I used to teach 'em :D They don't make 'em like they used to :p
  14. Clearly, otherwise they would know how to complete the simple task of emailing a UNICOM record, Feck, it's not been that long since UNICOM ceased to be G1.

    Your not big Pete are you, I heard he passed on to the big server in the sky, you may remember, the ex RN guy.