Officers/Soldiers Booking out of Unit

Can everyone please get the Unicom System Administrator (if thats not already you!)
To use fastpath PERM and transmit the above personnel to the UIN of their posting order :arrow:

.... :cry: Im still waiting for upto 8 months worth of 1157's to arrive .....
JPA doesnt deal with 1157 clothing accounts, still on Unicom, SA's still need to use Unicom to forward it on to the next unit

1) Fastpath - PERM

2) Select option 3 – Transmit personnel record

3) Enter your units UIN and press Enter

4) Enter the new unit’s UIN and press Enter

5) Move down to “Trans Type” type in E

6) Page Down – Type in Regt No. and press F9, F9, Commit

[align=center]RECEIVING FROM UNITS[/align]

1) Fastpath – PERM

2) Select option 5 – Receive personal records

3) Select F3 – your UIN

4) (If you have any records select & F9)

If anyone refers to E-mailing the Unicom System Administrator their 1157, this is what their talking about.
Rather than using the medium of ARRSE to do this, why not phone the previous units up? Good as ARRSE is for many matters, this particular matter may not be concluded to your satisfaction.

Or write a formal letter, CC your COC so they can see you're doing your job to the best of your ability, but are being frustrated at the other end.

A phone call at one month, and a letter at 2 months.

Could be on to a winner there.

As for up to 8 months, I think you'll have to start shouldering some of the blame from that point.
I'll shoulder what ever blame goes around, but since Ive just taken over as SA, and am helping out others who have no idea, how to get records (as this is not taught on the System Administrator Course) from sending the records to recieving them, Im using the meduim of arrse not as a gripe, but as a helping hand

This subject is also posted in the RHQ forum, where it is also helping others
Whilst JPA has taken over the administration of Soldiers newly posted in and any 1157's received wont be on Unicom as such, existing soldiers will be on strength and this may cause problems with the receipt of the 1157 as stated above, so here is a quick guide to Striking off Strength; :)


Unicom Fastpath

1) 4. Maintain Posting Details

2) Enter Regimental Number, Press TAB, Page Down, F9

3) If End Column is Blank carry on, If not go to 5) .

4) Press F8, and enter the following;

Order Preference - D/MCM/Regimental Number

Reason – M

End of Tour Date – date of SOS

Unit Posted To – Leave as your UIN
Press F9

5) Press Page Down, and enter the following;

Order Preference - D/MCM/Regimental Number

Reason – M

Posting Start Date – date after End of Tour Date

End of Tour Date – Leave Blank

Unit Posted To – Posted UIN

Employment Cat, Press F3, Select E grading – E1 or E2.

Unicom Fastpath

1) Select Departure of Personnel

2) Enter Regimental No. , Press Enter, Page Down, F9

3) Effective Date – Enter Date after SOS

4) Press TAB, answer Questions, No, No, F9

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