Officers/SNCOs leaving??

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Bomberg, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi all.

    i am looking for a manager, you need to be keen open minded and have drive. an intelligence background would be useful, as would ballistics or procurement experince.

    A degree and an MBE would be useful!!

    drop me a line if you are interested.

    Alex Bomberg
    Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited
  2. Hi Alex

    Am interested to know more about this position. Am an SNCO due to leave in Feb 09, with intelligence experience, sadly no MBE!!

    could you email me at and we can exchange numbers and have a chat?

    Many thanks
  3. Why would an MBE be useful? Is it more important than the experience and attributes? Is it a "nudge nudge" codeword?
  4. Presumably he meant an MBA - so what he's looking for is someone with a degree, an MBA and can spell!!!!
  5. Why? MBA
  6. No, I did mean MBE NOT MBA, far too many people with MBA's :)

    What I require is a SNCO/Officer with a proven track record. I need someone who is able to manage two companies, one selling Body Armour, the other selling training courses to NGO's & Government agencies.

    Please submit any CV's to:

    Alex Bomberg, Group CEO
    Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited
    The Leas,
    GL10 3SQ
  7. As someone who is beginning to realise that HM's patience (and money) is slowly running out... :D

    Thank you for advertising this job on Arrse!

  8. They want someone with an MBE purely for the kudos it would bring the company and that post.