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Discussion in 'Officers' started by primroseandblue, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. I am off to Sandhurst next year and have been advised to get hold of extra brown shoes. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have looked at ebay and the selection was a little ropey. Also have looked at the links section of this site and it is not too helpful. Normal google search came up with a load of rubbish. I am in the ranks at present so the clothing store is an option (they quoted £55-£68).

    Oh yes, I am male (despite joining the QARANC)
  2. i would think you should be ok with brown brogues or oxfords, whichever you prefer.
  3. As I recall I got two sets of the issue barges - and one set remains untouched. Don't buy any of the army ones for heaven's sake.

    Lace up boots are pretty timeless and not too square. Get some shiny chukka boots or tobacco suede lace ups. At least you'll be able to wear them with chinos and jeans (a bit Clarkson).
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I suspect that you will only be allowed to wear the issued type brown shoes at Sandhurst which, when I was there, came in the horrible pimply leather as seen on ammo boots etc, and needed burning down before bulling. Not a bad idea to have a second set if you can locate the right sort, however.

    Once you are commissioned, and depending on how **** your adjutant is, you will have slightly more scope for things like chukka boots but it's probably best to wait and find out.
  5. I don't think the AMS has **** Adjt's............................still he might have a few concerns about a male QA wearing Court shoes :wink:
  6. pm barbs - if anyone knows, he will.
  7. Stock with the issued ones. I believe they are no longer pimpled unlike the good old days.

    As soon as you commission wear what you like. Any pair of brown shoes will do. If anyone critises you clain it is Regtl tradition.
  8. Doesn't Barbs wear black brogues?
  9. He might or might not. I happen to know for certain but might I suggest it would be rather unfair to do anything which would mark an individual's real life identity on here. Especially one who has contributed as much as barbs.

    I only offered him as the examplar of appropriate dress. He was, after all, the instigator of the ARRSE tie which so many of us now wear.
  10. Point taken, although I don't think I've given anything away that Barbs hasn't himself.
    If he can truly be identified by black brogues, I do apologise.

    As for the originator of this thread, a web search will turn up a number of souces for the style of shoes he is looking for. He may not like the prices though.

    Sanders shoes

    Phoenix shoes

    Shoes international
  11. Hmm, think I will be going diffy at the stores and/or keeping my eye on ebay. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  12. see if you can find a jones botmakers or such in your local town, I have a brown pair of Barker borgues that should suit anyone. However a nice pair should set you back around 100quid.
  13. Read your PM primroseandblue
  14. Just a point - I don't actually think you need to worry about getting an extra pair of military brown don't wear them ALL that much at RMAS (most of the time will be spent in combat high or drill boots). I wouldn't worry about it. If you are concerned, wait until you are there and then assess whether you need to worry or not. :)
  15. I am to be a nursing officer so will need one pair for best, one pair for barrack dress and a pair to get p1ss all over them when in ward dress.