Officers shagging on roof of Basra Palace

I remembered this one thanks to JackestOfGreen who commented on how he had a shuffle on top of JHF in Basra Airport.

When I arrived at Basra Palace (Dec 03) the duty rumour flying around the proverbial camp fire was that 2 officers had been caught red handed making the beast of two backs on the roof of the Palace. Which Palace you may ask? There were numerous large buildings in the compound.... The main HQ one.

After about 3 or 4 months the Bde changed over and I heard that two more had been at it! Dirty buggers! Now, having been up there, it is no love nest and there are more suitable locations to conduct a gentlemans discharge. Maybe they liked the thrill of catching a glimpse of a stray tracer or mortar flying above them from the banks of the Shatt? WHo knows.

Anyone there at the same time hear about these rumours. Obviously no names are required - Sy is not a dirty word and loose lips do indeed sink ship!

Anyone else find a bucking hole?
There was apparently a WO2 (m) caught shagging some Cpl (f) on Telic 4 (on top of the lads block next door to Bde HQ), not sure what unit they were from though, thin they were both HQ

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