Officers SFA in the Aldershot area

Help! I am filling in my 1132s and want to make an informed decision on where we will live. Any advice welcome - am thinking either Blenheim Park or Wakeford's Close. I have heard there have been break ins on Camp Farm. I have 3 nippers, so need a large 4 bedroomed platz. Many thanks in advance.
I lived in Blenheim Park in 2001 and although the houses were architecturally gopping, the play park in good, Clocktower Nursery in on the doorstep and S Farnborough Infants is excellent - it gets my vote.
I spent five years in Wakefords Park. There are two excellent playparks in the estate and the training area, just across the road, is brilliant for running, mountain biking and just going for a stroll.

The location is bit far out for convenient shopping (it's about a 40 minute walk to Fleet High Street), but the local schools are good and there's an excellent nursery five minutes walk away if any of your kids aren't school age.

Worth noting, however, that when I was there (2 years ago), there was a minor crime wave with vandalism and graffiti on the increase and even some drug dealing taking place on the estate. Also, some of the Quetta Park (OR SFA) properties were sold off by Annington Homes, so the estate isn't exclusively military anymore. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, I'm not sure.

Blenheim Park is within cycling/walking distance of most barracks out to Ash Vale and is right next to Queen's Avenue (and, hence, the Parade Fields, sports grounds and excellent sports centre and swimming pool).

I'm currently staying on Quetta park whith a friend whilst I'm waiting for my house purchase to go through and although some of the houses have been sold off by Annington it's still quite nice. Granted the house I'm staying in is a prefab but they're not a bad size and people do take pride in them, with regards to the area I'd say it hasn't gone down hill. Yes there's a few more caravans in gardens and a few kids hanging around but they don't cause any trouble and are polite enough but lets be honest you'll get them wherever you go these days! I certainly haven't seen any vandelism or drug taking it's still a quite nice place to live with Tesco's express 2 minutes away in the car and bus's to fleet.

Blenheim Park whilst yes is great for sports and getting to barracks it'd be just a bit to close to Aldershot town centre for me.

One thing I would say is that if you can get as far away from Aldershot town centre as you can it'll be a good idea. The flat I just sold was right in town and it well it was awefull, cars on bricks, people fighting outside and gangs of kids abusuing people as they walked down the street. I think personally in the last 5 years Aldershot's really gone down hill, there's not as many shops in town and the only new one's opening up really are a couple of wholesale Indian and Nepalise food places (which was a plus as who doesn't love curry!).

I've heard rumours that the reason for Aldershots decline is that it's now the overflow for London housing like Basingstoke was, and that in the next 5 years it's due a big revamp to attract investment but I don't know how true that is!

In short if you can get a house in Church Crookham I would, other than that a friend of mine used to live down Lock road sort of way which was nice with great play parks, a quiet location, walking distance to shops and just far enough away from Aldershot.

Apologies for the essay but I hope this helps!!

Edited due to mong spelling!
I currently live in Wakefords Close which is the new set of Officer's quarters in Aldershot (commonly confused with Wakefords Park in Church Crookham).

Wakefords Close is generally very quiet and safe enough for children to play in the cul-de-sac. I have lived here since April last year and have experienced no problems with crime or noise from other residents. Occasionally there are parties in the accommodation blocks or mess's in the barracks backing on to the estates but nothing too often.

The house's are brand new so you are looking at getting a quarter that has never been lived in or has only been lived in once. All of the rooms are large with the master bedroom having an on-suite shower room.

Hope that this help's, and if you need any more info please mail me.
Keogh Close is very good and quiet. A bit farther out between Ash Vale and Pirbright but good rural location. 5 miles along the canal into the centre of the Garrison. Easy access to the 331 for shopping in eother S'bury at Camberley of Tesco at A'shot.

Lots of training estate out the back of the patch but only 3 bed houses. My last on there had about 1/4 of an acre.
Many thanks to all of you that have given your two pen'orth of advice. Have done a ground recce in the area and have made an informed decision thanks to that and the advice on here.
Kind regards,

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