Officers' Resettlement

Hi everyone,

Like many of you, I'm going through the motions of Resettlement and trying everything so I can get a decent job in the civilian sector. I've started a Twitter feed to list various organisations, individuals and companies who have provided me with useful advice - these may be of help to you too.!/AbiBradley52 (@abibradley52)

I'd really appreciate you forwarding information about any sites you have found useful in your search for civilian employment. I have listed a fair few already, whilst offering my own tips about Stratford Business School officers' accreditation etc. Please check out my page and help the ever-growing body of officers about to jump-ship.

Look forward to hearing from you and good luck everyone!!

I've just followed you Abi, there's some really good stuff on your feed. I hit the job market about a year ago and was very lucky, getting an IT security contract role less than 10 miles from home. A year later, I'm still there but I watch the job market like a hawk and I get contacted by headhunters and recruiters every week. I put most of that good fortune down to preparation, preparation, preparation. I'm very happy with my CV and I am always keeping it (and variants thereof) up to speed. Also important to leverage LinkedIn, find out who knows who, then use it to target people, organisations and functional / skills areas.

Good luck getting your second career launched.
Get yourself registered with the List: Ex Military Jobs - Ex Forces Recruitment - UK Ex Forces Business Network

And, Good Luck!

Edited to add: Ah! It seems as if I've been beaten to it - see Peem above. I didn't recognise the rather long winded link address. However, still make sure you sign up with the List and go along to a 'Liquid List' meeting if you can.
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