Officers quit in favours probe

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, May 15, 2006.

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  1. Four police officers have resigned after an investigation revealed they had offered remand prisoners favours in return for confessions.
    Prisoners were allowed to have sex with their girlfriends, take home visits and were given cigarettes and extra meals.

    Bedfordshire Police confirmed on Monday that three officers were required to resign. A fourth resigned voluntarily.

    'Operation Bedouin' revealed some of the prisoners admitted to some crimes that took place when they were in jail.

    Following the identification of irregular crime recording practices at Luton, Bedfordshire Police conducted a detailed internal investigation ending with a misconduct hearing in May 2006.

    As a result of the investigation, one officer has voluntarily resigned from the force, three others have been required to resign and one fined a total of 10 days' pay and reprimanded.

    "That's it, resign and the matter is closed!. Surley those confessions will be on rocky ground if or when the cases are heard in Court?"
  2. I suspect that the other offences will be fairly minor, and therefore just 'taken into consideration' at the time of sentencing for the principal offence. No court hearing necessary.

    The clear-up rate goes up and the police stand a better chance of meeting their targets.

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  3. Strange that the operation was called Operation Bedouin.

    A widely-quoted Bedouin saying is: I against my brothers, I and my brothers against my cousins, I and my brothers and my cousins against the world.

    The saying says nothing about shagging your bird.
  4. I suspect police humour here - i.e. as in "Oos bed you in"?
  5. What while they're on the operation?

    While the cat's away the mice shag the missus.
  6. Or in an Arab's case, your daughter.......
  7. I think the title of this thread should mention thats its 'Police Officers' and not just 'Officers' which this being a Military site would imply that the Officers quitting would be of the Army type.
  8. Agreed, must have that distinction in place.

    In the police, anybody can just walk in off the street and be an officer.

    But I remember................

    Never mind.