Officers Quarters Tidworth

Just got wind that i have been blessed with a posting in Tidworth.

Looking for Captain's quarters with 1 x baby on order, for myself and the other half to move into.

Down on a Recce this week,

Are the quarters any good?
Rough location in garrison area?
Any places to be targeted/avoided.

I'd have to check the JSP, but quarters come furnished, part furnished, or empty. You have to supply the baby yourseleves. Don't worry, there's a DIN on that too no doubt!


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Furze Hill Road are great houses with good size gardens and plenty of room. You can also fit a table in the kitchen.

The only problem you might have is getting past the majors without babies who keep getting allocated Type V quarters.

Perham Down is quite a way outside Tidworth so probably avoid those.

Bishops Close and the other closes around there are pretty small and have galley kitchens and a tiny third bedroom.
Getting all nostalgic - lived in Furze Hill Rd (#5 to be precise) in 1965-66: yes, quite spacious, but then my parents had 3 sprogs by then. Well remember the coke burning stoves & metal framed (single glazed) windows - all seemed a tad primitive having previously been in Germany where the quarters were centrally heated (HUGE boiler in cellar etc) with double windows you could sit between.

Recently had a look at the old place - much better appointed; double glazed, properly heated etc., & it's relatively conveniently situated for local shops, primary school etc..
Although posted to Tidworth, I got a place in Bulford. The houses on Wellington Road/Aukland Road are very good I think: big bedrooms and you can get a table in the kitchen. Me and Mr's GA had to buy a bigger TV. Big gardens as well.

Also, if you are that way inclined its a 5 miler across the ridgeline (with great views) to get to work
I had the honour of living in Bishops Close, worst 1/4 we ever had! (also came haunted for a bit until god squad did his dance). You are pratically living on top of each other. God forsaken place.
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