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Discussion in 'Officers' started by WCR26, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. Hello All,

    I've searched for an answer on this forum and, forgive me if I didn't look hard enough, but I can't find anything.

    I'm 27 years old (old being the operative word), and a graduate of UCL. I'm physically capable (I compete in Muay Thai) and have been working in the city for the past 3 years. Is there any chance of me being sponsored by the Parachute Regiment?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You would be better off asking them than seeking uninformed speculation here. It can't hurt.
  3. Fair point.

    However, I have already enquired through their website but am beside myself in anticipation as I want it very badly! :(

    Of course, I will call if I don't hear back.

    Have you (or anyone else) heard of late entry in to Parachute regiment as an Officer?

  4. Suggest a trip to the AFCO ASAP given your age to get the definitive yay or nay as a hasty trip to Westbury for briefing and main board would be required if it was a yay. THEN find out if you can join the Paras (bearing in mind you need to do the Para POC) and sponsorship prior to Sandhurst does not guarantee you a place in the regiment of your choice, you would have to do the Regimental Selection Board at Sandhurst like everyone else.
  5. Personally, i'd be very surprised if the Army would consider a 27 yr old PO for the Infantry. Bearing in mind that you would be, at least. 28 on commissioning, maybe even 29. The present Officer career profile would also just not work for you. That, and the fact that i am sure that there is an age cap on Officers joining the Infantry.


  6. Laid off by Lehman's?
  7. Frankie, there's no age barrier for joining the Infantry - i'm fairly recently commissioned, and in my platoon one of the guys who went 4 Scots was 29 at the time.
  8. Well, I had an interview yesterday with the Army Careers officer.

    The interview went well. As expected, my age (27) came up. For this reason, the lady I spoke with has made every effort to get things moving for me pronto and gave me dates for briefing (Jan) and main board. I was then called from Westbury this morning and they've brought my briefing forward to begining of Nov, which was pleasing.

    I'm told that the Parachute regiment, as with the Infantry as a whole, is unlikely - it would be difficult to get anyone to agree to arrange a familiarisation day for me, for starters. Could any of you kindly clear something up for me? Do you think it possible for me to attend the briefing, and providing I performed outstandingly, then go to an Infantry regiment and say, "I've done this very well, please now consider me for sponsorship"? Would it make a diffrerence? Or do I need to be sponsored before main etc. What is the order re: sponsors?

    It may seem i'm flogging a dead horse here, but I want the infantry and must try every avenue.

    Many thanks for any advice.
  9. Don´t get too hung up about choice of regiment, particularly if you don´t have any previous military experience (it looks like you don´t, having read your posts). There´s a lot more to the army than just the infantry, so wait ´til you get to Sandhurst, see all the presentations, meet a few people and then make your choice. Also, a few nights digging trenches in the rain at Thetford may help you decide.
  10. Thanks Jorrocks, seems like sound advice.

    I'm just not sure how best to play this. I've heard talk of recruiting officers steering PO's towards /away from certain regiments etc, and a chap mentioned earlier that he knew someone who was 29 when joining the Scots Guards - therefore I don't know whether I may miss out on my initial preference simply because i didn't stick to my guns, or whether I should just be more pragmatic/realistic. :?
  11. From my experience, you may be fighting the tide getting into an infantry unit at your age, but it's still possible if you prove you are capable. I'd say the first thing you need to concentrate on is getting a sponsorship for RMAS, from any unit, but preferably from a teeth arm, as you are coming up to age limit very quickly. Have you considered looking at tankies too? As Jorrocks states, don't get caught up on one particular role, have a look at all of them and decide.

    If it's the physical challenge you're attracted too then consider some of the attached units of the gunners or sappers such as 7 RHA. Plus there are the FAC, FOO roles to consider too.

    Finally, if you do decide that infantry is the way you want to go, well you have a fair amount of time at RMAS to prove that you are up to the job and to make some contacts who can help sort a visit for you.
  12. On my initial visit to AFCO at 27 and half, I was informed straight away I was too old for infantry, as by the time I'd have completed RMAS and Pl comd course I'd be pushing 30, whereas they are ideally looking for subalterns in their 20's.

    WCR26 - I'd get cracking with briefing and a couple of fam visits, if you are like me, then its a case of tick tock before 29 comes along!
  13. I hope you know that (according to todays Sun) that if you are a Para Officer you have to sexually gratify the Troops after a hard tour in Afghan (Allegedly)!!
  14. I'll have to take your word for that....oh, sorry - The Sun's word for it, of course :wink:
  15. Hey,

    I was in a similar position to you on starting Sandhurst. I was split between infantry and the sappers but was around the same, elderly?, age as you. The sappers then became my no.1 choice and I'm very happy with the choice I made.

    Yes, there is an age question you have to answer but don't exaggerate it. If you want inf you just need to demonstrate your fitness at Sandhurst and insist in interviews that despite your age you still want to do it. As mentioned on this thread there are lots of elderly platoon commanders knocking about.

    I strongly believe you need to start thinking about which regiments/corps now - before Sandhurst. The year there flies by and although there are some visits there is very little 'thinking time'. I suspect the army career advisors have a budget of 2 visits per potential officer but I think you should push for more.

    There is one final point I'd throw in to the mix. How are inf lieutenants treated compared to their corps counterparts? This may be unfair but I suspect inf lieutenants/junior captains don't get the same freedom of action and perhaps older officers are better off in a corps? Again that may be completely unfair.