Officers Number/Pay

Having comissioned over half a year ago I am still without an officers number and therefore backpay. I have spoken to various figures in my CoC and theres seems to be a comedy of errors delaying the afformentioned, the latest one being JPA.

Do any ARRSERS have any ideas on how to progress this?

Any thoughts welcome.

It's down to your unit admin to sort out. Don't even bother trying to contact Glasgow as you will get nowhere.
When they do eventually pay you the back pay, make sure they dont pay you as a subbie for entire period as opposed to the differance in pay between your old and new ROP.

I got caught out by that one. It was rather painful to write a cheque for 2K :(

Good luck.
JPA should not be an excuse for being unable to carry out normal admin procedures.

If it takes that long someone is not doing their job properly.

My advice is to phone your Adjt at least once a week. He'll soon get tired of it and get it sorted
No service number? Pathetic.


War Hero
I have seen that happen before - he was a Commonwealth passport holder, and it took nearly nine months to sort out.

My only advice would be to keep pestering your admin staff. They are the only people who can resolve this on your behalf, although there is nothing they can do directly themselves. You are going to have to trust them to get on with it and resolve it on your behalf.....there is nothing you can do yourself to get the cause of the problem resolved.

In the interim, you may be able to ask for a cash advance from the IMPREST account (although I think I may have heard a rumour that they are no longer allowed to do this). If they can still do it, whatever you have been paid from IMPREST should be deducted automatically from your back-pay when it finally arrives. I have used this quite successfully in the past to bridge gaps when my soldiers have not been paid as they should have been for whatever reason. It is worth asking about.

Also, if as a result of your not being paid you have suffered any financial hardship you should keep a record of the impact on your finances. Examples would be if you have been charged for going overdrawn, bounced cheques (tsk!), direct debits or anything else like that. Speak to your bank and explain the situation - it's not your fault - they may be able to do something to help you, e.g. extending your overdraft for an agreed fee. Get your Adjt involved to write a letter to your bank explaining the situation to help you persuade the bank. When your number is issued and your back pay arrives, present your unit admin staff with all the costs you've incurred as a result of your not being paid (after you've thanked them for helping you resolve the problem!!), and tell them that you would like your bank charges and expenses reimbursed. Finally speak to the bank once this is all sorted and explain that the problem is resolved, and find out if it has had any impact on your credit rating - if it has, kick up a stink with your Adjt and the bank, and do what you can to get it recognised as not being your fault.

Incidentally, although the changeover to JPA is not helping ANY administrative matters at the moment, I can see evidence that it is going to make things easier to resolve in future. It seems that unit admin staff are going to have much more ability/authority to sort things out in house. No great help now, but hope for the future!!!

Finally a big shout out to the nice people in the JPAC who are working so hard to get all the issues resolved - it's not their fault!!
Cuddles said:
No service number? Pathetic.
No, a sign of the times:

Quite frankly, your Adjt should go outside and have a word with himself.

I trust that you have copies of your correspondence betwenn yourself and your OC, with copies to the CO on your files...

I am sure your Bde Comd would be interested in this.

Work out what you are owed, (I may be wrong but if your OR pay was more than your officer pay you should not take a pay drop) and ask the Unit to advance you the money owed and every month until it is resolved. They can get it from the imprest. If they refuse (it is your money after all) pm me; I think you may well have a rigth of redress.

I have been in two TA units over 15 years where upfront payments have been made. I also believe that with the pay 2000 the regular army were making monthly cash payments to a lot of soldiers whose pay was cocked up.

I'm in a similar boat, although I've only been waiting 3+ months.

I've been told it's all down to JPA. Lots of shrugged shoulders and Gallic frowns.

Thankfully, I don't rely on my TA pay, but still...

It's nothing to do with JPA. It's down to the laziness of your Chain of Command.

Start writing and start keeping the letters. Push it politely, but firmly, upwards.

I have spoke to my PSI, SPSI, PSAO, OC, RAO and Adj. The latest is that the Adj has sent a letter to the APC asking for it to be prioritised but they've said that everything is running two months behind due to JPA!

I am significantly out of pocket due to this and never new about the IMPREST fund. Who would I talk to about that?

Thanks for the advice so far, all worthwhile and much appreciated.

Get it in writing, then escalate through OC to CO to Bde Comd, Div Comd and Commander Regional Forces.

If you really want to pull the pin, ask your MP to investigate. (I strongly suggest this be your final port of call :wink: )


Two issues. Firstly your pay is all cocked up. This must be sorted through the army pay system and needs the chainn of command to action; JPA is a problem at the moment so may be a while.

However your chain of command can (or in my Unit, and my last two) get money off the Imprest account to pay you. When your pay (eventually) comes in you pay back what you are owed. Easy.

The point is you are owed the money. The army are making interest on it so it is your right. There is NO reason they should not advance the money to you. Its a big corporation and anyway it is your money.

Please PM me if you get no joy on this second issue. This should be something the UNIT can do and needs nothing from JPA, Glasgow or anything like that. You are being short changed and your CoC should sort out the money owed. As I said, one geezer was nt paid right for 13 months and owed the imprest over 2000; no worries, got paid, paid it back, sorted.

Could be a good one for judicial review.....a nuclear option but if the CoC wont help. Also the courts HATE individuals being abused by delay and admin excuses.

Good luck.
"Boots fit, mail getting through, pay all spot on?" Are these not the three critical questions we ask our troops and tell our subbies to ask them too? Well we seem to have a good crack at items one and two but don't give a fcuk about three these days. Frankly if I knew that A/c no.12345678 at the Bank of toytown was getting a regular top up I would charge a fuzzy wuzzy machine gun nest cheerfully...otherwise tools down, two-three!
Sorry the IMPREST account is the account for army funds (i.e. MOD money). The GPF on the other hand is funds owned and held by the Unit concerned. When I said the IMPREST i meant that the Unit should be able to draw money through the IMPREST with the say so of the CO. As I mentioned I have seen this work in three different TA units. Please PM me. WHat it does need is a responsible and caring chain of command. I will check tomorrow with my Adjt (who knows the ins and outs). DO PM me.
Best of luck mate, do bear in mind the advice to be firm but not over critical. Someone has clearly cocked up and should have to account for the mistake. Sadly you may never know who or see the accounting. Hope that your Unit sort it out soon.
Your unit admin staff are the people you need to speak to about getting a cash advance from the IMPREST account. Speak to your pay clerk or PSAO or whoever you've been going to as your first port of call.
Not at the moment he doesn't!!!

Just goes to show the loyalty and commitment that rarely gets recognised.

Let us know how you get on mate.
Bits said:
Not at the moment he doesn't!!!

Just goes to show the loyalty and commitment that rarely gets recognised.

Let us know how you get on mate.

No need to put that in smaller text ;)


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