Officers - No sense of humour

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SuperTrooper, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Whats up with that post? Might be a bit tetchy for OCs that were knew the lass, but I cant see owt wrong wi it.
  2. Mate never be afraid of them.Half of them haven't got a clue and the other half are only interested in upping their own careers. I think that they call them yes men . They don,t care about the soldiers they command never have never will. Soon as one of their own is hurt ,killed or injured then everyone must feel sorry for them.Bollox to them i say( There are only two I have met that deserve my utmost respect and they know who they are) :x
  3. Aww. Is poor baby trying to draw attention to himself because he's upset that nobody laughed at his funny and just ignored him instead? Bless.

    Y' never know. It might have something to do with an ongoing police investigation and a chap has just been released on bail pending further investigation- or it might be because your comment had fcuk all to do with the thread, which until you barged in was doing a good job of being sensible.
  4. You're very bitter mate. I've known some good officers, I've known some plonkers,I've known more than a few ORs who were only interested in their own advancement. Generalising proves nothing. Incidentally one of their own could mean another officer or one of their platoon/troop/company/squadron/ detachment (please advise which one you mean). Officers are members of the "whatever" you're in who do one job while others do other jobs.
  5. Just incase you really didnt get the idea I will spell it big for you I MEANT THE OFFICERS thick cnut
  6. Dont know if you noticed MATE but the maddie case is still on going yet there is a thread on here for that ( on that is a small defenceless child not a rupert) :x
  7. Crabtastic is spot on IMO, this is not a case of censorship but merely that you have been soundly ignored. Your comment was more stupid than funny; poorly conceived, timed and placed. At least you had the sense to wine about it in the NAAFI Bar I suppose. :D
  8. I wonder what officers think of blokes like you. I don't know anyone who ever served who didn't know some good officers. Unless you've only come across one who don't suffer fools gladly.
  9. lol fanny. As i said i have met two thats all and trust me i dont really care what they think of me.I suspect you are a batboy to some

    I might be one of the two I am refering too as well :?
  10. Well, "MATE", unless you know something the rest of us don't, the British Army doesn't have any association with that case. That's hardly the case with the Sandhurst incident. Right now, two officers' careers hang in the balance. Fortunately, the young lady in question is expected to make a full recovery.

    Ultimately though, you and Supertrooper would do well to take on board the simple facts that stupid and funny are not necessarily synonymous and that the key to appealing to someone's sense of humour IS TO BE FUNNY.
  11. so because of the highlighted fact we are not allowed to make remarks but if there is a child possibly being held captive somewhere with who knows what being done to her then thats fine is it! That SIR is a fukcing stupid remark.By the way i never said i found the original comment funny but each to thier own.
  12. woohoo b*tch fight :D

  13. I'll bring the oil you fetch the chloroform. :p :p :p :p
  14. Use some common sense, FFS. We all know that there are 1001 journos crawling around here looking for a quick line from Tom or Rupert that'll help shift copy. Some off-hand comment by someone not in the know- and people in the know usually have the sense to keep schtum- can all too easily end up on the front page of The Scum, frame public perception and royally screw up any criminal trial (most likely in a way prejudicial to the defence) God forbid one should happen. So, on the grown-up parts of Arrse at least, once in while can we exercise whatever shreds of common sense we have? (As opposed to speculating- from a position of total ignorance*- about what happened that night, particularly when someone is dumb enough to allege that a potential act of attempted murder occurred.) Is that really too much to ask? If we can't do that, then the MoD might actually have some justification for issuing that preposterous DIN.

    * Does anyone want to bet that Supertrooper actually has any gen on what happened that night? No? Didn't think so.