Officers Mess near Borehamwood, Elstree, Mill Hill

Hi All,

Does anyone know where the nearest Officers' Mess is to Borehamwood, and how to get in touch with them? I need accommodation for this weekend (resettlement activity).

I'm not in the office at the moment so I need civilian numbers etc.

Any help gratefully received.

not sure about that far east, but you could always try the Uxbridge/Northolt region. It's a 20 minute commute, but I'm sure they 'd be happy to accommodate you.
Your absolute nearest would probably have been RAF Bentley Priory, but they have sold that off. Next closest is Northwood HQ - I know that Mess accn is really, really tight and there has been a 'no vacancies' sign for some time now, but it may be worth a call to the central accn office on 01923 8933244. If you are flexible, there may be a room 'below entitlement'. Otherwise, don't you have any friends in Quarters at Bushey Heath (working either in MOD or Northwood) - time for a spot of free-loading...

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