Officers Mess for Southampton Uni

Can anybody recommend a (decent) Officers' Mess within 10 miles of Southampton University? Tried searching but there's no easy way of finding what's out there.

Much appreciated.
Marchwood? Worthy Down? ATR?
Ther is a TA unit near the car supermarket down by the docks.Why not pop in there they will know all the local nooks and crannies.
Don't bother 1 unit is medical and is only in attendence once in a blue moon. (1 training weekend in 3 years 'on-camp')
The other was RA(MAY STILL BE, if they haven't re-badged since i left them) and they are there only a bit more than the medics, as most are in a hot sandy place/places.
No Officers mess either, Officers and seniors share a bar and the juniors have their own.
The RN have stacks of wardrooms in the area, and from memory there's a central clearing service that'll allocate you a room, if you can convince them you need it.

Just a thought...
What do you need it for? The OTC one isn't bad if you just want a big room and bar....saying that's it's 5 years since I was last there.


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If you want a place to stay while you are Uni, why isn't the Army coughing up for you accommodation like everyone else i know who went on this sort of gag? I understand that you have to be part of a mess, so join the OTC one...if you don't want be with them, don't go, just pay your 50p a month subs!!!

Live life at Uni as a student, on far higher wages, and have a great time. Good Luck and happy shagging!!
Truth is I don't really want to stay in a Mess at all but I have to make a reasonable attempt to prove to the budget holders that there is no suitable accommodation available within 10 miles and 45 minutes on public transport in order to qualify for SSSA (ie to live out). There is a real squeeze on T and S budgets as you may be aware and I have to justify my request to a full Colonel in writing.

I realise that there are dozens of students already living in rented accommodation but that's not cutting any ice with my guys. just need to make sure my justification is watertight.

Any more tips gratefully received.


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That is really unfortunate. But I reccommend that the long game by proving that the MoD need to pay for your digs is the best way. Do you know of anyone else that you can live with who is also doing the same as you. Joint and unfied effort may win the day!!

T&S budgets are forever squeezed, just calmly do your research and make it as watertight as possible. Everyone is tighter than a gnat's arrse these days.
Marchwood is the nearest mess for you but if you want to rent you need to get a local paper, i'll send you one if you contact me via email & i'll see what I can do as I live local.

check your pms.
Thanks for the info, that's not the only Mess that's full either. Makes sense actually, otherwise why would all those undergraduates at Soton be living out if there was suitable Mess accommodation nearby?
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