Officers Mess Dinner - Any fun/different ideas??

Discussion in 'Officers' started by ridingcrop, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. I am currently organising an Officers' Mess Dinner, small and intimate of only 20 people. It would be good to have some post dinner entertainment, but piper/drummers would be a bit much for the size of the room.

    Ladies present - so no jousting or games I suppose.

    Does anyone know of any different or entertaining things that can be done to add that extra zing?

    Many thanks.
  2. car keys into a bowl?

    swapping partners?

    no? ah is that my coat?
  3. Naked bar always goes well :lol:
  4. Casino night?
  5. Ritual suicide?
  6. Medieval Night- with suckling pig and massive joints of meat. All eaten off a bit of wood (no forks etc just a knife- bring your own). No plates etc. Always goes down well, but you will need jousting!
  7. Anyhting involving fancy dress and gratuitous amounts of alcohol always goes down a treat.
  8. What about a change of location? Who says it needs to be in the Mess? I admit we were very lucky to have a beach near to one of my first messes. As long as you keep the speeches short, you may well beat the tide.

    There were also a number of disused Napoleonic forts about the place that catered for large parties.

    It all depends on your budget and the likelihood of those attending to be slightly more open minded (back to the car keys comment?)

    What is the occasion? If it's a dine out or Christmas bash, then raucous post dinner activities are often encouraged!

    Mini motos were popular in 3 RHA for a time as there was a rugby pitch opposite the Mess which allowed for soft landings when one inevitably lost control...
  9. Ooodles of wine followed by a game of Twister ?
  10. If there is a local music college or entertainment impressario close-by see if you can hire a Harpist - went down well when I organized one and slightly unusual.
  11. Ladies there? - Perfect. Get them to cook!
  12. We had a St Pats night once and an individual came wrapped in a blanket. His pal came as a policeman and hit him all night with a stick.

    Just a thought.

    Adult bouncy castles are also popular...
  13. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    ...until a certain future BMRA broke his collarbone on his dine out!
  14. We had a table magician. Was Ok after the meal but a real pain in the ass when eating beef wellington etc.