Officers Mess Boxing Night?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Bat_Crab, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    Our mess committee have recently proposed the idea of holding a boxing night in the Officers' Mess (they got the idea from another RAF unit which is holding one soon). I have always laboured under the impression that competitive pugilism would be more appropriately staged in an all ranks forum (probably in the gym). Aside from the hideous expense of setting the bouts up, I don't think the Mess should be hosting sporting events. Also the proposed dress code is No. 5 dress (mess dress), I would have thought black tie would be more appropriate.

    Am I right to object to this? Does anyone know if such an event has been held in an Army Officers' Mess?

    P.S. The committee has also advertised the dress code for another function as planters dress, could someone confirm what planters dress is as I believe it is different from what they think it is?
  2. Naval planters is shirt and tie, chinos and a panama (outside only mind!); worn only in warm weather. The colder weather version is called dog robbers and includes a blazer.
  3. Mess kit is fairly standard for watchng military boxing; but only if it's a Bn or inter Bn event. In the mess, on the other hand....who is going to be fighting?
  4. I don't know who's fighting, we don't have inter-unit boxing comps (we don't have unit boxing teams for a start). Likely it'll be some chaps from the RAF team and some local amateurs.
  5. Boxing in the officers mess? Not the done thing .It should be an opebn night with all of your unit watching.I say this from an ex-boxer and now coach's point of view.The lads that are fighting want to do in front of there mates,its sets the atmoshere and is a night the boxer will remember for the rest of his life. My unit has the officers in mess dress in the comfy seats on the right hand side facing them are the SNCO'S also in mess dress and at either end of the gym/venue the JNCOS in mess dress and OR's in No 2's.

    Frankly boxing behind the closed doors of the officers mess will do nothing for regimental spirit or that of the Boxers themselves.
    I suggest you get in touch with the Army boxing Ass for details on the correct procedure for staging a boxing night as there are hundreds of considerations to be taken into account.
  6. Sorry just noticed its an RAF event so perhaps the RAF do things differently.I know the army doesnt have ''closed door'' bouts. Sorry
  7. I agree entirely - even if it is the RAF.
  8. Boxing nights are for the morale of the Bn - nothing better than for the boys to see the officers get hammered in the ring (although at our recent boxing night it was actually the other way around). Dress for Officers for us would be Mess Undress (Trews not Kilts) and mess dress for the Sergeants' Mess and the boys in either SD or Cbts.
  9. Thanks for the comments chaps, once again we are attempting to imitate an army tradition and get it completely wrong. Aside from anything else, holding this in the station gym (large enough, it used to be a hangar!), charging entry and making a mint for charity, we are holding it behind closed doors in the Officers' Mess for the benefit of 20 or so officers and to the detriment of mess funds.
  10. If you can persuade the Powers that Be to use the Gymnasium, advertise it properly and have the appropriate refreshments etc available, I can assure you it will be a cracking night. I still remember with deep joy RA Dortmund vs The Balck Watch :brilsmurf:

    Oh and the Officers Mess is going to have to be a goodly size to take in the ring, changing facilities, seating etc.

    Good Luck
  11. So gay I feel quegish reading it.

    I presume you will be slipping paper money into the belts of the "Winners"

    You are kidding right?
  12. "Planters" is a long sleeved white shirt with a tie and dark trousers.
  13. I may have understated the numbers involved, but its being held in the mess dining room so there can't be much room for spectators once the ring has been set up. Maybe I've missed a trick and it's actually foxy boxing...

    I had been hoping that this was some sort of sick joke, but posters are already appearing around the unit.

    Thank you, just as I thought, believe it or not none of the other mess members could confirm or deny my suspicions, hence doubt crept in. I am almost certain the organiser of that event (a mess games night) thinks planters is something completely different altogether, I shall 'phone him this instant.

  14. Yeuchh. utterly, utterly utterly gay.
  15. I have only been to Regimental boxing nights, ie: all ranks. Officers all turned up in Mess Kit.

    I have no idea about the RAF though. Presumably, as its a civilian organisation different rules would apply?