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Discussion in 'Officers' started by blueoctober, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. I would like to know, if anyone can help me with a few questions I have regarding an officers life in the army ,i am doing a bit of research for a book i am writing. i have looked on the normal factual sites ,but there are still a few questions i need to have answered ,so if anyone can answer them i would be very grateful ,. i am a civilian by the way .
    ok here we go , 1.Do officers who are single have on-suites in their living quarters or do they share?.
    2 Do officers do there own laundry or cleaning ?
    3. How many days a week does a officer have off for r & r ?
    4. What roughly, would be a typical day for an officer ?
    5. Would officers eat in the officers mess ? (stupid question I know ,which I think I know the answer to already lol)
    The next few questions are regarding the officers mess kitchen ,I have a little knowledge of this as I lived with some one who was a civilian attached in the OM kitchen catering for the officers at the Hounslow barracks in Middlesex.
    1.Do they still have TV dinners and would a officer be in charge of the OM kitchen ?
    2.Is the officers mess only used by the officers or can the sergeants use it too ?
    anyway many thanks in advance to anyone that may be able to help :D
  2. 1. Officers are always stabled with their horses, they will share the facilities.

    2. No, Batman does this for him.

    3. Typically? All of them.

    4. Monday.

    5. And the other officers mess.

    5.1. TV's are no longer eaten in most messes, officers are always in charge of the om.

    5.2. Sergents can use the mess when the officers have finished with it.

    If you are writing a book I suggest your spelling improves dramatically.
  3. NYYYAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!! That's the noise they tend to make BTW.
  4. Nearly crying with laughter.

    :thumleft: Accurate and yet utterly useless. Brilliant. :clap:
  5. LOL.CQMS ,There you go ive checked my spelling ,what about yours mmmmm? sergent is spelt with an A lol like this sergeant :p
    those poor horses ! ,and if batman is doing the laundry whats robin doing ??? .
    i meant tv dinners ,not tv's as dinners ,you doughnut ! lol .cheers :D
  6. What horses or officers ?
  7. It's as you spelt it, before your correction. If you want to correct something try your original post, it's riddled .
  8. Stop picking ,at least its in english ! lol lol lol
  9. Nearly, let me help.

    Stop picking, at least it's in English!

    I omitted the puzzling drowning man logo that you inexplicably felt was English.
  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Be sure and use lined paper, it will be easier to read. If anyone does.
  11. Really?

    Edited to add: Ninja'd by CQMS
  12. corrected it and spell checked it now thats last time i am, and they dont allow me to have paper because the nurse said i might cut myself lol lol lol
  13. Well done, at a quick read there's only eighteen errors left.

    What is the drowning man logo for?
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