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Is there somewhere a pre-defined list of the duties and responsibilities of the various officer-type posts, such as Troop Commander, that a young chap could use to fill in the box on the front of his OJAR?

I've filled in the rest of it for him, being suitably scathing as you might expect, but it would be a help if there was an easily accessible (to the TA, so not DII if it can be helped) list somewhere he can cut & paste from.

If there is a list of those for Gunner jobs as well, such as GPO/BRO, FOO etc, so much the better.

As long as he manages to cut & paste successfully, I can add a bit about his IT skills.
Surely if he is a Troop Commander in post he MUST know what his duties and responsibilities are!! if he does not, then how can he possibly be doing his job right and looking after his men??
Surely as a manager you should be issuing job specifications and terms of reference at the commencement of employment!

It is not their responsibility, it is yours!
This has to be a TA question, I've seen it too many times - you fill out your OJAR, I'll sign it... if you even get an OJAR that is.

How can you possibly comment on this officer if you haven't told him/her what you expect them to do? You did sit down with him/her at the beginning of the reporting period to discuss all this, didn't you?


This is a good question I think - on taking over a Coy 2IC appointment some years back, I asked for a job spec. There wasn't one, as far as anyone in Bn knew, so the OC wrote a 1 pager for me.

A bit barking really. Surely there is a list of responsibilities, duties, etc, for each role. One of the dramas at the time revolved around the CSM's wish to control the ORBAT, without reflecting operational guidance. As the 'Coy Ops Offr/Adjt', I would have thought that it was a Coy 2IC role.

Clearly this example smacks of a lack of coord within the Coy, and isn't all that serious, but it did waste a few man hours over the first few months, and would have been avoided if CSM and Coy 2IC job specs had existed.

They probably do - anyone know where?

If I may comment? Job Descriptions and Person Profiles are of great assistance in civil management terms (I've been retired for 8 or so years so maybe things have changed but it sounds from above they have not). There was no way that a manager/supervisor could commence his work without an agreed JD/PP in place. They were the basis for recruitment or management decisions. My first really senior job came about because the consultant had done a PP that said "Ideal person would be an Army ex-RSM"
The documents lay down what senior management want and expect. Therefore, in no way can they be left to the individual who will fill the position. To have someone in post without these is asking for more than trouble - disaster looms. In terms of annual reporting and appraisal, it is how these tasks have been met, and the manner in which they were fulfilled, that are the criteria. They were the cornerstone of disciplinary proceedings.
If you as the Boss have not drawn them up - after serious consideration and tailored for what YOU expect from him - you are failing the unit, yourself and the post-holder. Just copying what the bloke next door does is not sufficient or satisfactory.
JSP 505 is unclear on the process, suggesting it is a joint effort between the reportee and the reporter.

However, is it seriously being considered that every sub-unit has to write its own core job descriptions for roles that are Army-wide?
When I was last at RD we used a standard format cobbled together from the PCBC objectives and then tailored it for each individual with specific goals and extra responsibilities.

In a later job I sat and wrote out specific job specs before an op tour for those that worked for me - it was a good way of ensuring we all knew who was doing what out of all the areas we had to cover that I had noted during the roulement recce. We then updated these as we went.

It really does help if you do all this long before the reporting period starts... failure to do it leaves you high and dry if a subject officer challenges you later about an adverse AR.


Amazing isn't it - the time that must be being wasted every time a job at RD changes over. Surely there should/is an Army wide set?!

Mind you, we've only just got a standard JNCO cadre, despite the fact that every Bn runs one every year!

If you are in a regiment worth its salt (like mine), maybe you have something called 'Regimental Standing Orders', which would lay out each individual job description for both officers and soldiers??!!! :thumright:
hurryupandwait said:
If you are in a regiment worth its salt (like mine), maybe you have something called 'Regimental Standing Orders', which would lay out each individual job description for both officers and soldiers??!!! :thumright:
Clearly, I'm not ;)

Share the love! Where can you post them (any chance you could e-mail them?)


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