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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cavasfcuk, Jan 20, 2005.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I did Sandhurst in May and still have not got all the kit.

    Could someone let me know what i am allowed to demand from the unit and what i have to pay for. A list would be really useful as so far i have bought stuff only to be told one day later i could have demanded it. 8O

    My RQMS is saying i can demand brown shoes, but my Squadron QPSI is saying i have to buy them. The two wont talk to each other about it and i can't find a list from anywhere.

    May be one of the lads who has done a Q's course could let me know. :?:


  2. For you I can only guess, but I was issued with a fine pair of Sanders brown officers shoes - and I am only a CCF officer, got issued with shirts to go with the No2 dress uniform, but had to buy a tie. If they would issue them to me, then surely..........
  3. msr

    msr LE

    One off issue:

    Sam Browne


  4. I did the same course and have nothing. I'm still chasing up my clothing allowance....

    Thanks for the information that some of this is on demand.
  5. Cav as fcuk,

    Your name surely should indicate the solution to the problem. Throw money at the problem and buy yourself the kit. Dege or Meyer&Mortimer are quite good and allow you to bypass the unhelpful storemen. Should you not want to throw that much money at the problem, simply do the cav thing and wear non-issued kit, smart and indeed practical.

    It must be accepted as a principle that the rifle cannot replace the speed of the horse, the magnetism of the charge and the terror of cold steel. The British Cavalry Manual 1907.
  6. Fcuking porn answer thanks!

    Dont want to throw money at it as the mess life and misses (in that order) are chomping into my second income!

    Will demand gloves etc when i see the Q next

    Thanks guys.

    PS Bryn - i am doing well and loving life in the cav. Hows life in the canon fodder?
  7. Have been commissioned nearly thirty years and am still waiting my kit issue.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Smacks of poor personal admin :wink:

  9. Cavasfcuk,

    I presume you are in the Yeomanry.

    1. Never, ever wear an 'issue' shirt. Go to Stephens Shirts in Fulham and get the proper pattern 9which is different ) or you will end up paying more in Mess fines than the initial outlay.

    2. Never, ever wear issue shoes. Decent set of brogues only. Although having said that, would be fun to see how much you get fined for wearing them. Sqn QPSI did you a favour!

    3. Red moleskins - more important than Sam Browne!

    4. Same Browne? - use your Grandfather's, probably same Regiment no doubt.

    5. Decent tweed jacket .

    6. Suede brogues or chukkas for the Mess.

    7. Well tailored Dinner Jacket and a well tailored grey or blue chalk stripe suit. After that back to Dege and get them to make up Mess Kit, No.1 s. Then you can start saving for that house deposit again.

    8. SD is last on the list. Never wear it.

    All in all, most of the time you will be wearing C95, so take your time and keep the Misses off your back.
  10. Did Sandhursat 15+ years ago and STILL haven't got all the kit. Or anything even remotely like it. So don't worry about it too much. 11 Nov is the only time you'll need most of this stuff. Can probably borrow it from someone who's got other things to do that day.

    Regt should be able to supply blues, you can get No 2s on 2nd hand market. Shoes are an issue item I think. Spk to Adjt if Sqn not helpful / interested (which is entirely typical). Other option is to hold on for a bit, offr turnover is reasonably high so you should be able to find a leaver in the next few months, pref one who is well wedged up and will give you the stuff for next to nothing 'cos he owns the county and really doesn't need the dosh.

    Botom line - son't go spending yr savings on this stuff;it's just not worth it for the amount of wear you'll get out of it.
  11. Have you still got puttees and hobnail boots?
  12. Still got my puttees and gaiters, but I exchanged my ammo boots for combat ones a long time ago. I still have;

    OG combats, the jacket is very useful for gardening, the trousers have sadly shrunk somewhat.

    A shirt KD (yes KD) dated 1945.

    2 prs draws cellular.
  13. Well apparently I can indent for shirts, shoes and gloves. Everthing else is to be purchased.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Not true,

    The Sam Browne is an issue item.

  15. Where would I find this on paper? All I get when I ask/explain at the Regt stores is:
    "all officers have to buy them sir"
    followed by directions to the door.

    Would much prefer to go in with something from TA Regs!

    Any ideas guys?