Officers Immediate Pension Point

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by FLLnurse, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. I recently commissioned from the ranks and am wondering about leaving (already!). Does anyone know how I find out when I reach my IPP?

    Is it 16yrs from my 21st as if I'd always been commissioned or do I have to serve a minimum number of years as an officer?

    I've been around the houses with my clerks to no avail! Obviously I don't want to leave without the pension as I've already served 17yrs.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Is that 17 yrs total service? How long have you served from your 21st, including your commissioned service?

    You are correct so far, provided you serve your minimum time as an offcier, you will qualify then.

    Try the pension calculator on JPA, it wil give you the timeline required.
  3. That is total service. I have served 15yrs and 9mths since my 21st.

    I'm on unpaid leave at the moment so am not earning any pension benefits but am trying to work out my earliest leaving point(with an IP).

    JPA says I can leave in October 2010? By then I will have been back at work for nine months. Can't be that easy surely???
  4. I assume that you are still on the 1975 scheme.

    1. On commissioning, you reset your effective start date to your 21st birthday rather than your 18th.

    2. I thought you had to serve a minimum of 6 years on a LE commission to qualify for the Officer pension. Until then, I thought you were still on the pension for your last rank augmented by the additional service and an uplift because you have held a higher rank. It all used to be in the Pay Manual which has morphed into a JSP.

  5. A friend of mine commissioned from the ranks, he is on AFPS75, joined at 16, commissioned at 25 and is 38 next month, he has been pensionable for 11 months now (ie, since his 37th bday). It's all based on seniority which, at time of commissioning, stretched back to before his 21st birthday.

    So, basically, my understanding you are pensionable at 16 years from seniority date (or any antedate of seniority for time already served, academic qualification or other incentive) or your 37th birthday, whichever is the latter. Check commissioning regulations for rates of antedate but I have a feeling that for ex rankers it may be half time served.
  6. Having reread the OP I think my advice's aim might be slightly off. I'm talking about DE officers rather than LE.
  7. Thanks for the info everyone.

    I'm on a SSC so from what you say I could be pensionable pretty soon.

    Must get on to my admin to get a definite date. Thanks again.
  8. on a similar note though i recently heard of a DE offr that had served in the ranks but not yet converted to RegC working on the understanding that he still had a few years to think about it...

    imagine his surprise when the APC info'd him that he had missed his last chance to convert to said RegC and that a combination of non-commissioned and commisioned service contribute to the 16yrs...which were up early next year...basically a case of thanks for coming, enjoy your resettlement.

    no way to treat people, and a new one on me - to that end, and using that precendent then the year at RMAS must count towards pension as you are enlisted as a soldier for that year?
  9. All seems like quicksand to me. When the 2005 scheme kicked in I was told my total service would count, "great I joined at 16". Ah but you have been commissioned so its 21 for you???

    I'm now just dragging it out to get as much as I can.
  10. Unless you were one of a very few affected by the maximum amount of time that could be carried over, then you were advised incorrectly, IMHO.

    The 2005 scheme includes all your service and the "21st birthday or later if you were commissioned" business has vanished.

  11. Slight correction, it is 5 years for the officer's pension and if you leave before that you get a WO1's pension, whatever rank you were before.