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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dui-lai, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. Hi folks,

    how much grant does a TA Officer get for Service Dress & Mess Dress these days????

  2. £10000 and £12 a year after that.
  3. I suspect that that should be £1000 8O
  4. A grand! Since when?
  5. £1000? Wow, that will buy me 28.57% of my mess dress!
  6. How do we get this £1000?? I only get the £12 a yeah... which means i can afford 1 button a year towards my service dress.
  7. When I was in back in the 80s, it used to be £300.

    That was an initial allownace for purchase of uniform, and the yearly some was for maintenance and re-ranking.

    Now I'm moving to Crab TA, and I suspect they will supply No1 uniform, and give me a yearly allowance as above.

    Just out of interest, my Service Dress from Goldings cost me all of my allowance back then, not including hat!
  8. In 1983 I received the princely sum of £45 for uniform grant, with the promise of a crisp tenner each year thereafter. Needless to say the automatic payment seldom was.
  9. Thanks for that folks, will make my wife happy to know I only have to fork out some £700 to make up the short fall!!!!!
  10. If you are commissioning into the Signals don't for heaven's sake skimp on your service dress - or if you do, don't get photographed at RMAS!
  11. OK so I lied :) But not about the £12 a year.I seem to recall receiving £71 back in 1980 and a further £54? in 1992 on promotion to field rank (which purchased 1/3 of a hat at the time).I suspect a similar pittance is paid today.
  12. In 1983 I hadn't even started primary school! ;)
  13. Work hard and you may yet finish!
  14. msr

    msr LE

    It has also been raised with some very grown-ups on a recent TA LEOC course, viz why are we expected to be dressed the same as regular officers when we get approx 1/3 of their budget?