Officers Future Army Dress Questions

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by JonnyAlpha, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. Hi, I work in an area where information is sparse and there are very few military pers. just sorting out my FAD (Service Dress)for tommorow. Couple of questions:

    Officers Pattern RLC Collar Dogs - any pictures or info on their exact position,they are secured with two eyelets and a brass split pin. Could copy where they were on my old Service Dress but just want to make sure.

    Shoes - Do we wear the same brown shoes?

  2. You certainly don't want to wear two different types of brown would just look odd....bit like wearing odd socks.

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  3. 18 hours to go...

    I like your style.

    This any good?
  4. Not surprised you work in an area where info is sparse - you probably couldn't process more. RLC MCM Div got lucky this time around.
  5. Don't worry just wear civvies. Really, an officer who doesn't know these things? Get a real job .

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  6. If you've ever worked in a Garrison HQ full of retired officers you'd know where I was coming from, and besides if I was an officer I wouldn't ask the question as I wouldnt give a To**
  7. Really? All the various collar dogs in the tailoresses shop had collar dogs above the stitch line as they are on No2 Dress!!!
  8. What a strange post
  9. Could be a WO1... don't they wear Officer's uniform bits?
  10. Do we have an officer walt here? But not a very smart one.
  11. ok so the title should have been "Officers Pattern" I do apologise ;-)
  12. Walting as an RLC officer... we're scraping the barrel now.

    Not even the ambition for the Women's Auxillery Balloon Corps ;p
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