Officers flipping between TA and ACF.


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I've just heard of a Commandant who came from the TA and is going back to a TA staff job.

Is this unusual? Has it happened at other levels? There are of course officers who are double hatted TA and ACF.
A good friend of mine wore three hats... He was a Major in the Gordon Highlanders (regs) the 51st Highland Volunteers and the ACF!

Basically he was a reg, attached to the TA to head up there training, but also had responsibility for the ACF. He is still TA/ACF just now, but also military rep for SSAFA...busy chap.
Seeing as the Commandants move over from the TA as Lt Cols/Cols it's not that uncommon if they still have time left to serve. As for ACF Officers, I've not met that many capable of passing a TAOSB let alone the TACC si I'd say most unlikely.

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