Officers Cross belt wanted

I possess a brown paper bag that had cakes in it, and a sharp piece of string.
Would a pair of issue grey braces be of any use?

You could cross them at the front.

I was wondering if anybody had an officers cross belt they were getting rid of.

Willing to pay.

Try the museum at Southwick Park, Portsmouth. I know a lot of the guys leave stuff there to sell once they leaves alternatively, you could try the Regt'l Secretary at Worthy Down.
Ahh. Belt and braces.

Wise man.
The RA cross belt is a leather belt, with leather ammunition pouch (a la Sharpe's rifles).

There is no waist belt, it is just the cross belt, worn under the epaullette.

As it's been posted on the RA forum, I figured it was an RA Cross Belt the OP wanted...but could be wrong! Sadly I can't see NS's pic to understand his confusion!
I believe the cross belt was invented to make it easier to draw your sword, or something of that thinking, whence told me by some ageing military tailor type!
Ive got a picture of a dead horse that im finished with. You can have that.
Did you ever get one?
The RA cross belt is a leather belt, with leather ammunition pouch..!
Strictly it's a cartouche ( or cartridge) pouch. Not that it would hold many cartridges! Having said that, I'm sure someone told me once it was for keeping ones despatches in?
I've got one. If you IM me with an offer and location, I'm sure we can arrange something. Thanks.
Presumably big enough for a pack of fags and a lighter? Or a hip flask?

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