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Officers Commisioning Scroll

It may sound a very daft question, however i would like a bit of direction and help (Sensible) if possible.

Mrs 570 commissioned several years ago with the TA and has since retired due to excessive work and family commitments.

However she commissioned under the old rules of having to pass out at Sandhurst and complete a period of time at RD to confirm her commission, this she did.

However she has never received her scroll and would love to get it.

My question, does anyone have a POC for trying to achieve this, her old unit are a little uninterested to say the least and have met with no success so far.

Any help greatly appreciated. Any help available feel free to PM me.

Oh and if you feel like making the NAAFI Bar comments not only was she TA but a Monkey too.........
MCM Div are the people that issue them, bear in mind that 'several years' can be a pretty standard time to wit for the bloody thing to arrive. If not MCM Div then SPVA are pretty good as a starting point.
It will normally 'arrive' sometime after her two years on probation (ie as a 2nd lt) has been completed, however 'sometime' can indeed be some long time. Did she complete her probationary period and get her second pip (star)? If so then see crimsonhussar's post above
It depends. My mate (same TACC, same unit before and after commissioning) got his scroll through the post after two years, just as he was leaving the TA due to work commitments.

I saw nothing for a decade (having stayed in), eventually went to the Chief Clerk to ask if he could chase it up; a couple of months later, it arrived.

Presumably, there's a big cupboard of scrolls, and an admin nightmare involved...

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