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Officers changing Postings


After looking at officer time lines, I have concluded that officers are supposed to change postings every 2 years

if this is right i was wondering if, a movement between say an "ordinary" Royal artillery detachment to the artillery attached to 3 commando brigade and then perhaps to the Kings troop, would this be possible?

As an Artillery YO, you will do nearly 3 years at your first posting. Then 2 years somewhere else. Then traditionally 3 at your FOO/FST posting. Then look at Adjt, promtion etc.

If you wanted to do RA, Cdo, KT, I would suggest you did RA (any Regt, any discipline), KT (stiff competition though) and then your FST tour with 29 Cdo.

Timings may slip slightly and so you could do your first tour (make it a Lt Gun or AS90 regt), then request FST 29 cdo (moving early). Then request KT. You may get it, it may skew your career profile, but it should be do-able.
Your first challenge is to get through Sandhurst and into the RA!
It might not be the Cavalry or Guards but they still have standards - I know, they turned me down!

Assuming you can gain a commision into the RA, you will then need to have a chat with the Desk officer who deals with RA subbies postings. What you want may be possible but that doesnt mean you can have it as you wont be the only one angling for the plum jobs.
Blokeonabike - sorry to hear that, but yes, RA are popular and so there is a cull (was in my day too).

The second point, not so true - you wont be talking to your desk officer, your Adjt will, so make sure you can enunciate what you want to your Adjt. Also ensure your aspirations fields etc are up to date on your annual report.

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