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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Dr_Evil, Dec 2, 2004.

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  1. Why are officers' courses not recorded on UNICOM?

    Apologies if that question shows a smidge of Dr Evil gullibility. :roll: Yes, I have been asked to approve my UNICOM printout and have asked why none of the bazillion courses I have done are on it (nor any of my civvy qualifications) but been fobbed off with the potential excuse quoted above.

    Again on the subject of UNICOM (and this might stray from the realms of pure officerdom but it seems selfish to create a whole new topic for it), which civvy qualifications are deemed relevant? Is there a list somewhere, and if so (you can see this one coming) where the frikkin hell is it? Shirley, for instance, degrees get put on there, no?

    Don't want to get called up again and given the job of cleaning the windows on the outside of some brigadier's office when I am qualified to run a fully operational battle station.
  2. Your courses should be recorded on Unicom,

    get them to put them on,

    annotate on the Unicom printout in black pen what they are, for example if you have done RMQ 1-3 (SA(B)90) and its not on there then you probably have not been part II ordered, meaning you cant actually run the range
  3. I've had this problem with Unicom print out checks. Theoretically as I understand it, when you go away on a course the details get sent to Glasgow and it goes on, so your Unit doesn't do it. When this doesn't happen I just annotate and get the unit clerk to put the courses on. pain in the neck. I actually had a black hole of time when I went away from my unit on a tour. There was a 6 month gap in my record!
  4. OK - thanks. RMQ is a good example.

    But in order to get courses put on, I presume you need to know the course codes - or do they come up on the UNICOM system automatically if the clerk types in the name?

    Secondly, what's the score with civvy quals? I have seen the UNICOM of a buddy who was on FTRS and the quals list was as long as yer arm, as all of this bod's A-Levels, etc., had been put down there.
  5. I sat down with the clerk and he typed in course names. I seem to remember it lists alphabetically so as long as you get the first word of the course name right you should be ok. Sometimes the 'street' name for a course and the actual name for a course differs so it might need experimentation to get the right course.
  6. You are a legend, Kermie.

    I think the "sit down beside unit clerk and give them the stare of Evil until they do their job" technique might just work. I have naively tried the fill in the details with black pen route every year, to no avail.
  7. No worries! Don't know about the civvy course thing. Might be nice to have the degree on there. I'm sure civvy companies would have that sort of info in their records, so I don't see why the army should be different...
  8. Like I said, I've seen it on the UNICOM of someone who did FTRS (and so had time to get the UNICOM thing sorted properly). I'm sure that the degree thing goes to seniority, etc., and so fixing this issue does have a practical purpose.
  9. Misread your previous, will get back to my clerk!!
  10. If you have done a course which constitutes a Spec Qual, there may be dramas getting it UNICOM'd. Employment Quals (EQs) should be no problem, as long as a viable Course Code exists for it. Check the DCI for clarification.

    Degrees can be entered manually, but let's face it, it's a bit naff.

    As to the RMQ thing - you can run a range even if it hasn't been P2O. This is because the relevant 'qual' is your bloodchit. This is particularly relevant for the FFQ qual and Arty Safety 4 quals. The P2O action can be done later. This procedure was adopted due to large numbers of people being qualified specially for exercises, who couldn't then be P2O'd whilst deployed, and there was no OOB facility available.

    As with all Army stuff, it always pays to check DCIs and then just go and ask the clerky types - most of 'em will do anything you want, as long as you treat them like humans.

  11. Thanks!

    Naff? Yeah, kinda. Except when failure to have it UNICOM'd permits beardless scrote who does have his recorded get promoted ahead of the Evil. Also, like I said, I want to get out of washing windows on my next mobilisation.


    Blinded me with science, there.

    I'm a busy megalomaniac and a STAB to boot: when am I going to get time to find out where the frikkin DCIs are, let alone get the right course code for each of my frikkin courses?*

    Assuming your clerks are humans. I'd rather ours were fembots. They're not, though.

    * Actually, I know where the DCIs are.** Just yankin yo chain.
    ** Or do I? :wink:
  12. By the way, I take it that we have established that "Officers' courses arn't recorded on UNICOM" is a big fat hairy lie.
  13. It isn't just officers who sometimes have to stand over the clerks with a tent pole until they enter all of the info. Unfortunately, this has sometimes led to people having courses entered into UNICOM that they don't actually have, by simply threatening the clerk. Just a word of caution. The best thing to do is to take the proofs of course down with you to estblish your bona fides.