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Discussion in 'Officers' started by duckiciao, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. What do soldiers think to officers outside of the regiments regular recruiting areas? i.e. An English officer in SCOTS or a Scottish officer in RIFLES etc etc most officers from outside of the regular recruiting areas?

    Thank you chaps,

  2. Waaah.
  3. I can add a small piece of information: I was told that most of the officers in the Royal Welsh regiment are English-born.

    I don't see a problem with going far afield personally, but your interviewers will be interested to know why - "your own locality's not enough, eh?" 8O

    But I'm sure everyone has a different opinion as to this (entirely valid and acceptable) question.
  4. Dont care where he is from as long as he can do his job!
  5. Cheers guys. I didnt really want to serve with my local regiment because a) Theyre Inf, and I wanna drive tanks :D (</baby mode>), b) If im not mistaken, there isnt a Cav regiment local to me
  6. go for the RTR?
  7. Where are you from ducki?
  8. North Lincolnshire, the local regiment is the Anglians I think.
  9. The Royal Anglians - 2nd Bn, The Poachers.

    Cav - 9/12 Lancers.
  10. I was under the impression that the 9/12 recruited from Leicestershire and that way on?
  11. The Queen's Royal Lancer's Home HQ is based at PWG Barracks in Grantham, as is the Recruiting Team and Regimental Association. That local enough for you? :)

    Try or 0115 9573195 or go to and click on any of the cap badges to bring up a map of each Regiment's recruiting area.
  12. I just went to the 9/12 webby, and their recruiting map turns up this
    bearing in mind that I live in Scunthorpe, near the Humber, its a fair way away from me.


    just clicked on the QRL, and they recruit from around my area. I rather like their cap badge as well.
  13. My mistake - meant QRL. I knew it was some sort of Lancers...
  14. I wouldn't worry too much about it ducki. I'm not an Officer but I'm sure those who are will agree with me when I tell you that recruiting areas are far from set in stone - particularly for the (sadly) much-amalgamated Cavalry - and that you should try out as broad a range of Regiments as you can. Most RAC Regiments have been butchered so much by successive Govenments that they contain a bizarre mix of accents - including the unholy alliance of Jocks and Scousers in the case of 1 RTR. But all that is irrelevant if your going to be an officer - you'll end up sounding like Bertie Wooster wherever you end up :D .