Officers and maps

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Speed_Air_Man, May 8, 2005.

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  1. Right, having read many threads on here, there have been passing comments about Officers and their ability with maps. Would anyone care to expand on this with some tales of this "legendary ability" I assume it's never good to mix the 2 :wink:
  2. I know of a certain RAF officer who sent an MT tanker to pick up fuel from Honinton in Devon rather than Honington in Suffolk.

    We were at STANTA at the time, running short of fuel due to higher than expected workload.
  3. I was going to make a witty comment, but I couldn't find what page we were on.
  4. Oh joy here we go..

    "OK lads.. kit on (12.30) jus a 1 mile TAB to our planned harbour area"...

    Fair enuf..... BUT... 4 hours later got there after walkin up and down hills, around hills, in tree lines, back out of tree lines... when finally there still had to do a stag rotar for the few hours we got sleep. I was pretty fucked carryin a lil over 100 lb of kit, some lads had around 120-150 lbs on their backs. Once there was day light, from the harbour area I could see the camp we had set off from .. simpley down the road, right turn, left turn... there..... Rodneyyyyyy!
  5. I can remember doing something similar when I was a young chap, on STANTA, on a misty morning. The problem was I was so sure of the way we had to go, I consulted neither map nor compass - the latter would have sorted me out in quick time.

    I think I learned something from the experience. The lads certainly did, but I would have preferred it if they hadn't had the chance. Anybody here from RMR Scotland Recce Troop circa 1970 - I apologise, humbly.
  6. They are meant to learn how to use charts not maps you dozy bint! :x
  7. That must be like Anya1982 is just a glamour name for fugly troll?

    I bet that these boys Big Chart Making Place will be really miffed when they find out they've got it wrong all these years..................
  8. Wow... I really doooo learn sumit new and interestin every day!
  9. Theres only one thing worse than an officer with a map and thats an officer with a map and compass!!

    I used to relish swapping impact area maps of new FOOs , We were sat observing Westdown impact area but his map would be sennybridge or otterburn!!
  10. On exercise in Morayshire,Troops despatched to "Glen of Rothes" due south of Elgin complete with Grid Reference went to "Glenrothes" in Fife.

    Stupidity knows no bounds
  11. On the same wave length overheard some 2 pip wonder asking for directions to BY Chester in the shell garage at Hartney Witney once, obviously stepped in and explained the error of his ways!! NOT
  12. BI(Y)-C(H)ESTER :lol: :lol: :lol: