Officers and languages in Int Corps?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by badda-boom, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi there, just wondering if any Officers in the int corps can give me a bit of info. Have any of you picked up languages in the army after becoming an Officer? If so do you just work dark side? Also do you use the language within your role as Officer or do you lead the linguists without using the language much yourself?
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  4. It is now obligatory for all officers wishing to join or transfer to the Corps to be fluent in the following languages, a minimum of 5 secondary languages and dialects for service in Afghanistan, which must be undertaken before attending RMAS or qualifying with a degree (at least 2:1)

    Languages are Persian Dari and Pashto

    Recommended alternative languages/dialects are Ozbeki, Torkmani, Balochi (Baluci), Pashayi and Nuristani.

    As you can see, the officer has to have an advantage over his soldiers, many of whom also have a working knowledge of the 40 dialects spoken in the country.

    I wish you luck-It took me two years of constant study and I failed by mixing Balochi with Waziristani in my final exam
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