Officers and hair.... Females are taking the **ss

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Plant-Pilot, Oct 7, 2005.

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  1. Ever since the days of the dashing cavilier officers have always tried to get away with a little more than the other ranks when it comes to length of their hair. I mean, skinheads and other not quite so severe crops don't go down too well in polite society. The RSMs have however always kept it within a reasonable margin of the regulation requirements, so everyone was more or less happy.

    Today, things are not so simple. We can't all look the same any more, but the people who say what's what as well as the ladies of our officer class should know the rules. Off the collar or tied up. Simple really. So why is it that almost every female officer I see has hair well over her collar if not well over the shoulder with a beret perched patheticly atop the proud hair do? Are the rules only for the ORs? Does tied up hair get in the way of their vigorous office life? And lets get this straight. We're not talking female officers on the ranges or on exercise here. HQ office staff posts with all the requirement to wear a helmet during their normal working day as any other office worker outside Bagdad.

    I think it's a case of one rule for them and another for the ORs, and one that is blindingly obvious as it can't be hidden under the hat!
  2. Why in an age of equal oppertunities and gender free test are the men of the army not allowed to have long hair tied up by day etc?
  3. well in this day of equel rights shouldn't us males if we so wish be able to grow our hair long, instead of getting gripped by the csm
  4. Ok, heracy I know, but why not let our "females" look female by allowing hair to flow long when in barracks - show a bit of femininity? The Israeli Army alllow their woman folk to wear long hair etc in bks, but when in an operational area it must conform with the rules that suit?

    Yep, would certainly brighten the place up a bit instead of women dressed up as men!
  5. Boll0cks. This is not a club. This is the fcuking army. I wouldn't dream of turning up unshaven after leave, or without having had a haircut. Female members of HM Armed Forces are, as far as I am concerned (when sober and in barracks), members of HM Armed Forces first and females second. I would, and have, gripped them where I have found their appearance wanting. I do not want female soldiers drifting around parading their femininity. I want them cutting about looking and parading like soldiers! And do not want my male soldiers to spend all of their working time distracted by females looking like females. Work is work - lets keep it that way.
  6. You mean show a bit of leg?


    Perhaps the women get distracted by men looking like men?
  7. Bits , you miserable Old G*t.

    Mind you theres plenty of female soldiers I'd like to grip!!!!!!!!

    Is it cos you can't behave yourself in the company of females???? and like everyone to look like young boys????

    Get a life or you'll definately have a heart attack soon!
  8. [harumph]Look, chap, when I come back after my bottle of claret for lunch and reading the Telegraph, I don't expect to find my male soldiers being unproductive because they are too busy leering at the female soldiers. I honestly believe that our uniforms should make the females look as gippingly ugly as possible, and if possible the blokes too. I don't want them all spending all day thinking about random acts of rutting![/harumph]

    Seriously though, I do expect anyone in uniform to look smart and presentable, and it's a lot harder to do that with hair everywhere. There is also the issue of individuality. We wear a uniform in barracks for a reason, to feel like and be identified as part of the team. While people are in uniform, just while they are, I would like to see people willing to comply with dress regulations which limit their options for personal expression. You wouldn't allow people to dye their hair bright blue, so don't allow them to look sloppy or wear excess jewelry.
  9. I think you're shooting for the moon there my friend. I think Phase 1 should involve ensuring knuckles and top lips are hair free before all else.
  10. Never mind the females,

    The vast majority of male officers on the camp where i am serving choose to have ridiculously long hair, making them look more like females than the females do.

    The favourite style seems to be to grow your hair as long as humanly possible then gel it into a "bed hair stylee" then tell all your chums that "its the way it was when i got up" yeah right.

    One particular officer comes into the cookhouse every morning looking like MR cadburys parrot, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he looks like a complete cnut and that the soldiers in his regiment are completely embarresed to have such a ridiculous looking little fart representing their capbadge.

    I understand that in general officers are permitted to have longer hair than other ranks, but some of the younger element are taking the P**s!!

    Have a word .
  11. Which section of Regs or LANDSO is that sh1te contained in?
  12. Should that have read in general officers are allowed to get away with having more more hair than ORs?
  13. Correct, however the point was where the gents can push the rules a bit, the ladies treat the rules as if they don't even exist for them.
  14. Hear, hear!
  15. (mount soapbox)

    The ladies should be made to have neck shaves during training, as well as the blokes.

    (dismount soapbox)